Everything One Must Know About Salesforce Customer 360

How to be successful in any business? It all depends on how businessmen entertain their customers well. Moreover, if one wants their customers to repeat shopping for their products again, they have to keep two things about their customers in the mind: behavior and usage pattern. Besides, the previous history of the purchase of a product with a personalized approach will create a better customer-centric strategy.

To make it happen, Salesforce customer 360 came into force in 2018 to collect a huge amount of customers' data en masse and assist organizations to track customers from different locations simultaneously. In fact, it can be seen as an attempt by Salesforce to deliver 3600 viewpoints to the customers. It helps an organization to combine marketing and commerce on a single platform and offer great customer service without any delay.

What Is Salesforce Customer 360?

Before answering the given question, first start with answering this: What is Salesforce meant for? Most of the businessmen are now familiar with Salesforce as it helps in bringing together enterprises and customers on a single platform and creates a seamless experience for them. Who powers Salesforce in creating a single customer view? The answer is simple: Salesforce customer 360!

What does it do? It merely unites all the departments (be it sales, marketing, service, commerce, etc.) and revamps the business to offer a complete and shared customer overview. It connects everything: from employees to their customers and even to their products.

Why Salesforce Customer 360 So Crucial For Companies?

For any organization, fulfilling the changing customer requirements every time is not a mean task. Furthermore, it becomes more difficult when an enterprise uses different systems to manage customer’s data present in the siloed form. With no access to a trusted data, it will be difficult for even Salesforce consulting services provider to make teamwork together and offer enriched customer experience. It happens due to the presence of fragmented CRM across the organization that makes the services less customer-centric.

To make better customer engagement, it is essential to understand the needs and demands of the customers beforehand. In such a case, Salesforce customer 360 has emerged as a champion! It offers all cloud-based services on a single platform to meet the expectations of the customers and remain in touch with them forever.

Moreover, today's customers need to get personalized solutions that meet the parameters of their interest in respect to the products. So, if a reliable and modified approach is taken by the enterprises, they are sure to fulfill not only their customer’s aspirations but also their business goals.

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Components of Salesforce Customer 360

Now, there are three crucial components of Salesforce customer 360:

a) Customer User Interface

It is a click-based user interface that works smoothly for both app and data management. It will be beneficial for the admin to the creation of reliable connections between Salesforce companies and apps. Another interesting fact of the given component is that it uses the cloud to map and reconcile data to form a single representation of the client's data.

b) Customer 360 ID

It is a unique ID that allowed every system to recognize each customer without any dependence on either engagement channels or even other mediums such as mobile numbers or emails. The benefit is provided to the company is that the data is left at the source where one can call it only when the requirement arises. So no additional expenses much to the relief of enterprises!

c) Packages For Common Use Situations

The Salesforce customer 360 also comes with certain packages that must be deployed in situations arising from certain scenarios such as browsing history and abandoned cart. In addition, taking the help of Salesforce consultants will permit them to use external systems for effective management of API connectivity for any apps or device.

Benefits of Salesforce Customer 360

There are numerous advantages that define the high rate of growth and success for companies having implemented Salesforce customer 360. Some of the benefits are as follows:

I. Data Unification

Salesforce customer 360 helps enterprises to collect the data from the users and unify it on a single platform to offer a rich user experience. In this profile, more emphasis is laid on marketing based entirely on the necessity and behavior of people. It is easy for an enterprise to focus on data unification through encapsulating the complexity and leaving highlighted areas on which the industry can focus and work effectively.

II. Seamless Consent Management

To build an effective enterprise, organizations must focus on offering authentic services to meet the aspirations of their customers. Likewise, it will be wise for them to maintain the credibility of their business through following certain regulations, notable of being is GDPR. Now, the Salesforce customer 360 uses consent management to collect data from various resources through clarifications via regulative laws. It also offers a complete solution that manages, grants, and requests and even denies consent for data that is linked to a business.

III. Use of Einstein Insights to Optimize Customer Services

If one is at the early stage of establishing their business; then it will be fruitful for them to understand the customer's behavior by creating a user-friendly infrastructure. However, the main challenge is to devise a platform where the client and their customers could interact efficiently on a larger scale. Here comes the Salesforce customer 360 that uses Einstein Insights and elevates your business performance to a higher level so to improve the relationship with the customers.

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IV. Dependable Privacy with High-Level Security

Consent management risks data privacy and fear is sparkled among users about the misuse of their crucial data. But no need to worry as Salesforce customer 360 ensures the provision of the safest platform where data is kept private and away from the evil eye of online and unauthorized intruders.

V. Enhanced Development Process

With Salesforce customer 360 at the helm, there is ample chance of the improvement in the development process of an organization that significantly boosts their productivity manifold. Moreover, it also makes it easier for the platform to have an effective connection with other devices without the need for manual work.


If someone wants to expand their business to a new horizon, opting for Salesforce customer 360 is the wisest choice they take that will surely enhance their fortune. It is creating a revolution by bringing both customers and companies together on a single platform to create innovative Salesforce products and services. This, in turn, is enough to satisfy the needs and aspirations of the customers and help the companies to widen their user base.


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