Populating Salesforce Data into a Table element

Every product is investing huge effort in creating a nice user interface, making it “sexy” and inviting. There is no doubt that customers and service consumers love this type of UI and it will get their attention, BUT when we want to be productive with our time we need the data to be organized in a tabular format. There is a very good reason why Data is organized and managed in tables, it is by far the easiest way to view and edit big amount of data. In most Products the users will not get the ability to access these tables, this privilege is saved for the Data Base administrators.

When using salesforce, you have many different ways to access and manipulate your data but if you would like to share this ability with your customers, partners and other non-users it may be a problem and even a bigger one is to give them the ability to work in a tabular format, until now. FORMTITAN new feature enables to read/write to multiple salesforce objects in Tabular format, using this new ability you can introduce verity of services (self-service, dashboards, reports, etc.) on top of your salesforce platform.

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