Mobile App for Salesforce

Mobile App for Salesforce - Learn All About it Here

The Salesforce mobile app makes all essential information available at the touch of a button, including dashboards and reports, leads and opportunities notifications, and tasks. In addition, Admin can build a custom Salesforce-compatible app with simple to meet unique business requirements. 

Salesforce Mobile App Basics

Every Salesforce license includes the mobile app. Make sure admin set org's security policies properly to enable installation of the app.  


Three ways in the app to search for information are listed below: 

  • Global Search: Find a record across several items, such as a person who might be a contact or a lead. You may limit your search from the search results page to view results for a particular object. 
  • Feed Search: Search for Chatter posts, comments, mentions, and files. 
  • Spotlight Search: Find records without even opening the Salesforce mobile app 

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Salesforce Mobile App Customization

All custom objects, tailored page layouts, built list views, and other customizations become part of metadata, which is a set of definitions that describe your particular Salesforce org. Most of these metadata are automatically available in the Salesforce mobile app because it reads those definitions and displays data accordingly. But the desktop environment is different from the mobile environment, so we need to do customization on Mobile App. 

Salesforce for iOS and Android Demo

The Salesforce mobile app is available for iOS and Android phones and tablets 

  • Log tasks right from notes and check news related to accounts, staying up to date on what's important to predictive lead.  
  • Scoring powered by Einstein helps you prioritize the best leads first, while sales managers can monitor their pipeline with smart forecasts and easily analyze data with interactive dashboards.
  • With custom quick actions, you can process even faster. E.g., by working a lead or opportunity with fewer steps and increasing efficiency by selling together as a team, work offline knowing your files and records will sync automatically. Then, when you are back in the range, you can discover mobile-ready apps on the app exchange or build your own. 

Working offline with Salesforce Mobile App

  • Once caching and offline edits are enabled in a Salesforce Org, users can continue to work in their Salesforce Mobile Apps even if there is no network connectivity. Salesforce mobile application for both Android and iOS supports offline access. 
  • To enable offline access and edits, go to set up and search Salesforce Offline. To allow users to view data while they are offline, select ‘Enable caching in Salesforce for Android and iOS’. Select ‘Enable offline create, edit, and delete in Salesforce for Android and iOS’ to allow users to create, edit and delete records while they are offline. 

Salesforce displays visual indicators in several places to help users track the status of changes made while online or offline in the Salesforce Mobile App.

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What’s Different in Mobile App? 

Features that are available in Lightning Experience on Salesforce browser instance may not be available or work differently in the mobile application. The following are the key functional differences in the Sales features on Salesforce mobile app for different objects 




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