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How Salesforce Uses Process Street on Effective Client Boarding

Client onboarding means introducing clients to your company or business. These days, consumers expect from businesses more than just a product or service. They’re in search of great online experiences, so they’re inkling to return to a brand’s storefront.

Hence, businesses must engage in successful customer onboarding practices, so they’re targeting audiences that are most likely to convert. This is where Salesforce and Process Street can come in handy and allow businesses to help customers feel at home with their products.

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is an American cloud-based software that focuses on offering customer relationship management (CRM) services along with application development and marketing automation. It helps to bring different companies, businesses, and customers together and helps them share similar opinions and ideas. For example, a carpet cleaning company can leverage Salesforce to strengthen their marketing efforts through automation and boost customer onboarding.

What is Process Street?

Process Street is a business management software (BPM) that helps and allows businesses to easily process documents and create checklists for recurrent plans and assignments. It’s used in recruiting employees, customer setup, content marketing, etc.

Salesforce uses Process Street to allow customers to understand how to use a product that they are purchasing. It has benefited Salesforce for many things such as improving customer onboarding experiences, helping to train the internal team members of Salesforce on new features of it, and it also gave customers the liberty to troubleshoot.

Of course, along with these benefits, there are some struggles associated with Salesforce. Such as understanding their customers’ needs and ensuring that they’re met with, as well as making sure the customer knows how to use the product. It’s also necessary for teams to receive proper training on how they can use the features to accomplish their goals.

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How Process Street served Salesforce in improving their client onboarding strategies?

1. Easy to Educate Customers

The Salesforce crew utilizes Process Street templates to cooperate on work-related procedures. Templates are a set of guidelines that help in completing a specific procedure.  Checklists are executed from these templates, which can be accessed through a cloud-based Checklist Dashboard, allowing the team to get an overall view of the assignments that have been completed, which are in due, and who has been assigned.

Another aim of Salesforce for using Process Street checklists is to aid customers in their learning. They allow their customers to display a checklist as a guest, keeping the task-related information hidden using Process Street’s Tasks Permissions feature.

When the customer uses any checklist as a guest, Salesforce can view their progress in the given checklist from the Checklist Dashboard—allowing the Salesforce team to cooperate with their customers in case if they are unable to complete a specific checklist within a deadline. This information can be accessed via the dashboard. Setting up different due dates automates the process of identifying any problems and allowing Salesforce members to quickly provide any assistance needed.

2. Recorded Methods Bring Stability

Salesforce can generate many solutions for a given procedure eliminating the need for proof checking that procedure as there will be no human errors. The highly resourceful techniques are selected, documented, and passed down to the members of the Salesforce team through a Process Street checklist.

For example, Salesforce uses Datorama Use Kit to help customers in reaching their goals and requirements by using their product. This step helps to note the necessary customer information easily.

Pitch resources, Discovery, and implementation are the phases that can be used for fruitful onboarding experiences for clients through Salesforce.

3. Work is Monitored Easily

Salesforce managers can monitor every team member or customer’s checklist progress. With Process Street’s checklists serving as a system of record, customer details are stored safely on the cloud. In the Datorama Use Case Kit checklist, important information like who is the client, account ID, and the client’s primary use is recorded by Process Street’s form fields.

This helps them gain a more advanced approach to client onboarding as they can record all necessary data with ease.

4. Facilitation of Common Procedures for Employees to Follow

Use of a Process Street Checklist assures that Salesforce employees are following the same procedures, independent of location. Each checklist contains guidelines for proper communication between clients and how the employee should go about their tasks.  For example, in the Datorama Use Case Kit checklist, employees are instructed to ask questions that have good and engaging answers.

5. Regular Upgrades are Possible (Continuous Improvement)

Process bottlenecks can be easily tracked and dealt with now because of all processes being recorded. This entire method proves that continuous developments are enabled during the establishment.

What is Continuous Improvement?

It is essential to confirm that your guidelines are precise and on point for a prospect’s needs. Through careful observation of procedures, you can look out for mishaps in any step, introduce the use of a better program or reap benefits from a better route. Continuous improvement helps to make your company well organized.

We know that sometimes processes are not stable at Process Street, and immediate updates must be made. So, to make sure that all information is kept up-to-the-minute, we drive adjustments into the operating and present checklists if necessary.

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Documenting the Onboarding Processes Promotes Growth

Documenting client onboarding allows growth among Salesforce team members. For Salesforce, by documenting the finest practices, Process Street brings fine adjustments to customer onboarding. Moreover, every individual checklist provides distinct and engaging solutions that change according to the topic.

The Datorama Use Case Kit checklist provides a variety of functions for Salesforce’s customers, each with its own framework, making it a different customer onboarding technique for each scenario.

Wrapping Up

Customers look for shortcuts in order to find the best solution to their problems. Therefore, companies need to adapt tactics that show how using their service eliminates their daily problems.  By implementing Process Street, a business can improve not only their onboarding strategies but also increase the efficiency of employees in completing their tasks, hence, enhancing the overall performance of a company.


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