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6 Leading Salesforce Trends for 2022 and Beyond

Salesforce unifies the modalities of numerous departments—marketing, services, sales, and customer management—and accelerates harmonious coordination between diverse company lines in the new hybrid-work paradigm. It continuously improves its functionality and adds new tools to keep up with the newest market trends and innovations. Consequently, you'll have a digital workplace that enhances speed and productivity and minimizes workflow lag. 

The following are some of the Salesforce trends to watch in 2022. 

 1. Customer 360

Salesforce's Customer 360 is a collection of Salesforce software products that span the entire company. It's designed to make it easier for businesses to communicate with their customers by providing a centralized internal operation. It unifies analytics, sales, marketing, service, commerce, and IT under a single CRM platform, allowing all departments to collaborate. 

Customer 360 creates a single customer ID and profile that can be used across all Salesforce and third-party applications. This profile is accessible to all teams to provide a consistent client experience. Furthermore, businesses may use Einstein AI to automate monotonous processes, Tableau to monitor data in real-time, and Mulesoft to protect data, and this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what Customer 360 can do for them.  

Furthermore, with Salesforce professional services you get a set of add-ons to expand the capabilities and capabilities of Customer 360. Identity, Data Manager, Audiences, and Privacy Center are the four primary components of the Salesforce Customer 360 Truth add-on, as Salesforce puts it. 

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2. Commerce Cloud

Salesforce created Commerce Cloud to help businesses stand out in a crowded eCommerce industry by streamlining operations and delivering a better customer experience. It is a part of Salesforce Digital 360 and includes many valuable and comprehensive features for successfully managing eCommerce enterprises. It is an integrated platform that allows firms to sell or communicate with their audience across all digital channels they utilize. 

Salesforce Commerce Cloud has a number of key features, including: 

  • Using clicks, code, or headless APIs, helps businesses streamline their payment processes, secure the checkout experience, and make it faster.
  • Seamless Upgrades — Salesforce updates its functionality in the background, requiring little or no technical intervention.
  • Scalability - The platform can handle traffic spikes without having to plan ahead of time. If there is an unexpected surge in demand, the platform scales silently and without assistance.
  • A cloud-based suite of services – including a number of relevant CRM and marketing SaaS services that can be integrated with other corporate needs and solutions.
  • Commerce Cloud has two commerce products for consumer brands and retailers: B2C and B2B. B2C Commerce is useful for managing and improving the shopping experience on eCommerce websites with a large number of visitors. Simultaneously, Salesforce B2B Commerce focuses on meeting the needs of B2B buyers making significant purchases and providing premium experiences.

3. The Health 2.0 Cloud 

There is no escape from the pandemic's impact, whether in the larger macroeconomic landscape or within a company's internal dynamics. Salesforce Health Cloud 2.0 was created by modifying the Health Cloud to meet the changing needs of healthcare centers and patients since the COVID-19 eruption. It's a tech-savvy digital system that helps medical organizations manage immunizations, contact tracing, and health evaluations while also assisting medical organizations in providing a better healthcare experience. Salesforce Industries Health includes Health Cloud, which is a collection of solutions for all stakeholders in the healthcare and life sciences industries. 

Salesforce's recent event, "The Dreamforce 2021," used Health Cloud 2.0 and Dreampass to keep all participants safe and secure by enabling COVID-19 security logs for each. It enables healthcare organizations to provide value-based care from any location, as well as tailored and hybrid healthcare services to patients.

4. Tableau CRM

Any firm's future plan is driven by data, and Tableau CRM makes crafting successful business strategies and finding hidden opportunities a breeze. Tableau, formerly known as Einstein Analytics, offers actionable insights and AI-based analytics to determine the optimal course of action in any business matrix. 

It aids business strategists in removing noise from an avalanche of data, detecting trends that might otherwise go unnoticed, and providing a simple and actionable methodology. Tableau is the most complete and in-depth analytics tool available, with the ability to scale as your data strategy changes. Einstein, Salesforce's industry-leading AI, is designed to make it simple to integrate data into a company's culture, uncover insights, and improve outcomes. In a no-code environment, it helps data scientists, analysts, and users develop reliable prediction models.

5. Slack

Slack was bought by Salesforce in July of last year, and it has helped millions of businesses around the world streamline customer service operations and accelerate the resolution of client complaints. Slack Connect, for example, allows businesses to securely connect with third-party vendors, distributors, suppliers, customers, and other stakeholders, ensuring that your company's growth trajectory remains on track. 

Slack introduces improved table case swarming features, which connect a customer to a sole owner and automate customer grievance redressal. The owner gets access to a simple and easy-to-use dashboard that gives them all of the knowledge they need to address the difficult problem at hand. In the end, a company's time, effort, and energy spent on customer complaints are dramatically reduced. 

Slack's objective to make work-life simpler, more pleasant, and productive will be accelerated and extended as part of Salesforce, and businesses around the world are keeping an eye on this trend to see what's next!

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6. Salesforce+

Salesforce+ is another bold move in the direction of developing an effective and productive work paradigm for a new generation that will more than likely be entering a digital replica of the workplace rather than the pre-COVID office. 

Salesforce+ is a visual content streaming service for all positions across all sectors and business segments. Live experiences, podcasts, series, and other content are all included. With over 700 million views, one of its series, "Leading Through Change," which showcases industry giants and business executives on their corporate journey through the epidemic, has been a huge hit. Another series, "The Inflection Point," has CEOs from organizations such as Coca-Cola, PayPal, Honeywell, and Workday discussing their life journeys, victories, and difficulties. 

One of the most well-known is Salesforce's annual conference, Dreamforce, which was aired live through Salesforce+ in 2021, allowing attendees from all over the world to participate from the comfort of their own homes. Dreamforce is a program that aims to bring the Salesforce family together for learning, fun, community development, and philanthropy. Attendees can learn about new products and developing technology by attending sessions, workshops, and keynotes, as well as gain inspiration from professionals. Trailblazers from all around the world gather at Dreamforce to share their experiences and learn from one another. Primetime channel, Trailblazer channel, Customer 360 channel, and Industries channel are four broadcast channels that present uplifting and meaningful programming. 

Salesforce has been steadily improving since its creation as it continues to match itself with the modern workplace. Customers want quick and easy service, and Salesforce's digital solutions give the most adaptable, flexible, and streamlined framework for solving complicated business problems. 

Final Thoughts 

For more than two decades, Salesforce has been the market leader in customer interaction and enterprise cloud computing. Salesforce consultant can make a world of difference for your business. Thousands of customers use Salesforce for customer application development, and the Salesforce CRM platform is always expanding in terms of technological innovation. For example, Sales Cloud can help you increase sales efficiency, Service Cloud can help you provide an exceptional customer experience, Marketing Cloud can help you execute targeted campaigns and customer journeys, and Community (Experience) Cloud can help you engage customers and partners.

Organizations have reaped the benefits of top Salesforce trends year after year, whether it's cutting-edge data migration or tools for industry expansion, and 2022 will be no exception. 


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