Get Started With Empowering Your Sales Users in Salesforce Pardot

Credits : Salesforce Support

This Get Started With Empowering Your Sales Users in Pardot series will help your sales reps sell more and save time with Pardot features.

The video covers:

  • Pardot features are designed to benefit your sales team
  • How to add these features in Salesforce
  • The benefits for sales users and marketing users
  • Sales training tips

0:00 Introduction
1:04 Overview of business outcomes
1:47 Agenda
3:39 System audit
12:15 Sales user feedback
18:10 Sales and marketing alignment
22:44 Optimize your Salesforce experience
25:20 Standard Pardot features
25:21 Personalized email sending
28:11 Collaborative list management
36:31 Engagement history
39:39 Enhance page views with marketing insights
41:29 Customize list views for faster prioritization
44:48 Marketing reports & dashboards
45:45 Activate purpose-built activity alerts
48:35 Personalize sales navigation bar with Pardot tabs
49:50 Licensed and edition-limited Pardot features
50:06 Interactive engagement history dashboards
52:20 B2B marketing analytics
53:59 Einstein for Pardot
1:00:46 Enriched lead routing through matched leads
1:01:57 Salesforce Engage
1:05:13 Campaign influence on opportunity success
1:06:13 Resources and next steps
1:07:30 Premier and Signature Success plan customers request individual follow-up session



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