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3 Best SMS API Providers Other Than Twilio For SMS In Salesforce

Every business strives for quick and scalable communication within a few minutes. And this is obviously not possible with calls and emails. This is why organizations rely on text messages for quick and convenient interactions with prospects and customers. Thus, firms go after SMS service providers to integrate messaging capabilities into their existing system and perform MessagingOps.

Twilio SMS capabilities are already familiar to the organizations, but still, firms look for other SMS vendors so that they can compare and pick the best one for their business. So let's check out a few other SMS API providers other than Twilio SMS API.

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SMS API Providers Other Than Twilio for SMS in Salesforce


Other than Twilio, ClickSend is also a texting solution for businesses that offers you flexible sets of SMS APIs and also lets you perform bulk messaging. It can also help you with automated interactions and provide you the feasibility to integrate it with many other popular apps. In addition to rich messaging channels like RCS and WhatsApp, it gets you SMS  MMS, Voice, Email, and Fax Gateways to improve your business outreach and communicate the way you want. In short, this app can be a good option for sending and receiving texts.

EZ Texting

EZ Texting is another SaaS company that provides you a platform to connect with audiences through texts. EZ Texting can be a good option to cater to the needs of small to mid-sized companies. It can help you with group and mass messaging. Besides, it gets you numbers and shortcodes, which you can use to serve your customers. You can also add life to your text messages by adding visuals and make them more engaging.

360 SMS App

360 SMS app is a Salesforce-native texting solution that allows its users to communicate at scale over multiple channels. It gets you six pre-integrated channels like SMS, MMS, Voicemail, CTI, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger at a no-extra cost. Using these, you can target customers over their preferred channel.

More importantly, it's a no-code app that supports DIY-configurable automation so that users can automate interactions on their own without an expert's assistance. This app is rated 5 stars on AppExcahge too.

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So if one is looking forward to exploring SMS API providers other than the Twilio SMS API provider, this blog can help you with names that you can consider. Thus, users do not have to invest much time and effort to get the right one for their business. By exploring the given options, one can surely get a scalable messaging app that can also help you to provide multi-channel support to your customers.



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