SMS App in Salesforce

Benefits of Acquiring Best SMS App in Salesforce

The customer's tastes and preferences are dynamic. Due to this, businesses need to revamp their communication strategies to serve customers with the best experience and tap into more personalized communication. Limiting employees to only a single channel to communicate and support prospects and customers could limit their result-generating capabilities.

Thus, to extend the employee's capabilities and business outreach, organizations look for the best SMS app in Salesforce that can help to provide multi-channel support.

What Should You Expect from the Best SMS App in Salesforce?

An advanced texting app comes with several out-of-the-box functionalities. It helps you with scalable texting in minutes, eliminating the need for a separate Salesforce bulk SMS app but saves time for your employees. You could also cut back on manual interventions for many MessagingOps.

Besides, you could expect multiple channels without making huge investments. In addition to this, easy automation to run Surveys, automatic bulk lead assignment to reduce manual work, time-savvy text operations are a few more capabilities you can expect.

Let's have a look at some of the major benefits one could reap using an advanced Salesforce texting app.

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Best SMS App in Salesforce Underpins Automated Conversation

An ideal Salesforce texting app can help you cut back on almost half of the manual tasks and time investment. You could automate and send appointment reminders, follow-up materials, confirmation text messages, or run surveys. With DIY-configurable conversation trees, you could design and trigger a series of questions and keyword-based responses to capture data. This reduces the manual intervention of employees and gives them more time to focus on core work areas. This feature is dubbed as iText or chatbot in 360 SMS.

Best SMS app in Salesforce allows to Manage Multiple Leads Conveniently

Advanced Salesforce texting app supports 1-on-1 conversation too. Using this, you could address multiple queries and concerns at once. Besides, you can easily manage conversations using filtered ListViews, Responses, and Records to send bulk responses. Also, you can create and update records with much reduced or zero navigation, which adds convenience to agents and makes conversation management a cakewalk for them.

Personalized Communication and Meaningful Interactions

A full-fledged Salesforce texting app helps you personalize text messages using merge fields and deliver a personalized journey to your prospects and existing customers.

You could track all their past conversations to understand the customer's choices or preferences and send personalized text messages over a channel of their choice. This way, you could eliminate the inconvenience for your clients, preventing them from repeating their requirements every time they interact. This is how you could send fast and relevant responses, saving a lot of time.

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Save Time, Respond Faster, and Close More Deals

Integration of the best SMS app in Salesforce could make a world of difference to your MessagingOps. Not only does it help to send SMS using Salesforce but enables you to target custom audiences on multiple channels. With multiple channels, you could easily shrink the communication gap between you and your audiences and target them where they already are.

Besides, employees can engage faster with prospects with automated texts, share insights and manage multiple leads using one shared interface. This lets employees close more deals faster and improve their efficiency.


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