Salesforce Training Resources: Where to Start?

Since there are many resources available for Salesforce training, we sometimes do not know where to start. If you want to learn Salesforce from scratch or improve your skills in a particular area, this article will provide you with the references you would need.

Salesforce Training Resources

1- Trailhead

Trailhead is an engaging and fun way to learn. With its help, you can explore the Salesforce universe and gain new skills. As you increase your level, you will earn badges as an incentive and recognition for work done. It is designed around your learning needs. You can select the topics you want to study and do it at your own pace. To keep you up-to-date, Salesforce is continually adding new content to Trailhead so that you will always find something new to learn.

Price: free.
Available content: more than 950 modules and 240 badges.
Duration: 10 min – just over 15h.


2- Salesforce Trailblazer Community

Salesforce is also famous for the incredible community it has built around its platform, so be sure to join the Trailblazer community. You will be able to learn, connect with other colleagues, and help others by contributing. Join community meeting groups to meet Salesforce users and learn while having fun.

Price: free.

Salesforce Trailblazer Community

3- Salesforce Trailhead Academy

Trailhead Academy is the place where you can sign up for Salesforce training classes in person or online, taught by Salesforce and authorized instructors from around the world. There are many training options to suit your budget and time. You can select the courses you want while considering the roles, levels, products, and tags.

Price: $ 300 – $ 4500.
Available content: more than 45 courses.
Duration: 1 day – 30 days.

Salesforce Trailhead Academy

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4- Salesforce Youtube

The Salesforce YouTube channel is a great place to learn about new products and features or get access to interviews and webinars. Salesforce regularly publishes information on new features and video guides on how to use them. The wide range of short-form videos will help you quickly find your way around the features you need.

Price: free.
Available content: more than 700 videos.
Duration: 1 min – 2h.

Salesforce Youtube

5- Salesforce Ben

Contains a wealth of knowledge for new Salesforce users, administrators, and developers. Recently named the #1 Salesforce blog, influencer Ben McCarthy and his team cover each new update and offer numerous step-by-step guides.

Price: free.
Available content: more than 200 articles.

Salesforce Ben

6- Forcetalks

Forcetalks is another great Salesforce-related collaboration platform. It does not matter if you are a beginner or an expert, there is something for you at Forcetalks. The content is organized in forums, blogs, videos, and infographics. It is a must-see for anyone interested in interacting with people in the -.

Price: free.
Available content: more than 1400 articles, 750 videos and 170 infographics.
Duration: 1 min – more than 2h.

Salesforce community

7- Focus on Force

Focus on Force offers materials for different Salesforce certifications. This includes administrator, advanced administrator, app builder, platform developer, and other certifications. The website also offers a great blog where you can find articles on management topics, news, and interviews with Salesforce experts.

Price: Free – just over $ 20.
Available content: more than 160 articles and 30 certification guides.

Salesforce certifications

8- Salesforce LinkedIn Learning Courses

LinkedIn also has its own tutorials for Salesforce with several lessons from beginner to advanced levels. The materials offered are regularly updated and categorized according to the categories of the new and best Salesforce courses.

Price: Free (1 month) – $ 30 / month.
Available content: more than 590 videos and 25 courses.
Duration: 10 min – more than 4h.

Salesforce LinkedIn Learning

9- Udemy

Udemy is a virtual store that offers an extensive library that includes thousands of courses taught by expert instructors. It contains an entire section dedicated to Salesforce where it contains a wide variety of courses covering different topics and levels of experience. You can start your Salesforce training with Salesforce 101 or with specifics like Salesforce integrations with external systems.

Price: Free – $ 100.
Available content: more than 80 courses.
Duration: 1h – 32h.


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10- Stony Point

Stony Point is a Salesforce training provider that offers a wide variety of in-person and virtual programs. With highly qualified and certified staff, Stony Point will help you meet your Salesforce training needs. Its training catalogue is divided into 3 fundamental areas:

  • Salesforce technical training.
  • Salesforce end-user training.
  • Sales training.

Price: $ 400 – $ 4500.
Available content: more than 25 courses.
Duration: 4h – 40h.

virtual programs

11- Simplilearn

If you want to earn a Salesforce certification, Simplilearn is the right place for you. The site contains complete courses that cover all the details you need to get certified and also includes projects, case studies, and quizzes. Plus, it offers 24/7 student support. You will be able to take advantage of lifetime access to e-learning content and live recordings.

Price: $ 600 – $ 1500.
Available content: 4 courses and more than 85 articles.
Duration: 3 months – 6 months.

Salesforce is an innovative tool that is very powerful when used correctly. That is why it is important to find effective and reliable ways to learn, whether as a beginner or as a seasoned professional looking to improve your knowledge. Make the most of the training resources we have presented to you!

At SkyPlanner, we have created a successful strategy that can help you with Salesforce training and adoption. If you are interested in acquiring and honing your skills but do not know where to start, email us at [email protected]. Our team will support you in everything you need.


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