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Managing task distribution and assignment is basic for any company. But for a large company with a huge workforce, it can certainly be trouble. Talking about companies belonging to heavy industries like oil and gas, locomotive manufacturing, mining, or machine tool building, there can be many tasks and even more employees. Manually assigning tasks won’t work. That’s where you need skill and product-based routing to achieve task assignments.

Thanks to the Salesforce Omni-channel feature, such companies can route work to agents in real-time based on the routing configuration that would be predefined. Not just for task assignment, the feature can also be used to route leads, social posts, cases, custom objects, etc., to the respective users.

Skill and Product-Based Routing

Skill-based routing is generally accepted by companies as a modern way of routing calls to agents with the right skills in call centres. But its effectiveness is not restricted only to call centres. Even in companies belonging to heavy industries like manufacturing or oil and gas, the time-intensive and crucial tasks can be divided among team members according to their skills and availability.

Skill-based routing can also be aligned with product-based routing. It allows task assignment to agents having knowledge and understanding about a respective product. These strategies of routing tasks will make sure that the task is assigned to the right person for it, which increases the chances of getting it done within the timeline and with quality.

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Why Heavy Industries Need Skill and Product-Based Routing

Skill-based and product-based routing helps to alleviate a lot of stress for employees. It helps streamline and divide work among a huge workforce, ensuring that each task is assigned to someone who can do it well.

The last thing any business related to heavy industry needs is inefficient work or having to perform a task again due to lack of accuracy or quality. It would just delay the product delivery, leaving the partners and stakeholders frustrated.

It can be difficult to configure a simple omnichannel setup to route records to employees. The process can even become more complex when trying to route records to employees based on their skills. You need the help of trusted and certified Salesforce developers to implement the feature and align it with your architecture. Also, to enable the same, you require the following-

  • Enable Omnichannel
  • Enable Skill-based routing
  • Create Skills
  • Create Service Resources for employees
  • Assign respective Skills to Service Resources
  • Route Work Items using Skills

Simplify Task Assignment with Skill and Product-Based Routing

For a large-scale business, any mistake can cost a lot to the company. Such costly mistakes can be avoided on the first level by ensuring the respective tasks are assigned to skilled and knowledgeable employees. Skil and product-based routing can transform the process of task distribution, cutting down a lot of manual work while increasing the efficiency of work.


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