Aids Nonprofits in Connecting Data on An Integrated Platform

Salesforce has announced new innovations in their Winter '22 release that would assist organizations and grantmakers in meeting these problems by allowing them to access technology and connect data and experiences on a single platform. They're rethinking the Power of Us Program in the United States with this release to give Nonprofits and grantmakers more access to critical digital technology and also improve their fundraising, marketing & engagement, program management, and grants administration systems globally.

Nonprofits and grantmakers are continuing to adopt technology in order to give individualized and engaging interactions to their supporters. Advancement, cooperation, real-time user engagement, and shifting digital constituent experiences continue to be top nonprofit concerns, according to the 2018 State of Marketing Trends Report (Source:

With the program management solution innovations, you can increase the impact of your program

Organizations are working hard to administer programs and manage their missions in the midst of the giving season. Program leaders and case managers can now use new capabilities in the program management solution to:

Client Experience gives clients control over their own success. Through a client Community, clients can examine case plans, case teams, and status updates, contribute documents, and leave comments for case managers in Experience Cloud for Nonprofits.

With Full Client Note History, get up to speed on a client faster by reading and filtering all notes on a single screen without having to click into each individual note.

Bulk Service Delivery and Service Schedule Enhancements reduce administrative processes when adding additional program engagements and participants without having to leave the present workflow.

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With Their Grants Management Innovations, You Can Simplify and Accelerate Grantmaking

Grantmaking organizations are more effectively providing cash to the communities that most need them. Grantmakers can now use new capabilities in the grants management solution to:

With Review Workspace, simplify and speed up the application review process for workers by allowing them to select only the portions they need to see and provide feedback on. Internal reviewers are given access to records, fields, data, and files linked with applications by Grants Managers, allowing them to provide feedback that is used to determine award choices.

Reshaping the Power of Us to Democratize Access to Technology

We're revamping the Power of Us Program to reinforce our commitment to making technology more accessible. Our new program includes a new Elevate* edition that provides Salesforce customers with digital fundraising integrated with the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) with no initial capital costs and fees based on the number of funds raised unless the donor covers them, as well as new Trailhead functionalities and subsidized services to help customers get up and running quickly.

More information about the Power of Us Reimagined can be found here:

With their marketing and engagement solution innovations, you can find and engage lifelong supporters

Marketers are also amplifying critical messages with supporters and ensuring that the correct message is delivered to the right audience at the right time. According to the recent Nonprofit Marketing Trends Report, 83 percent (Source: of nonprofit marketers believe that changing consumer preferences are affecting their digital tactics. Marketers can now do the following thanks to these new innovations:

With the International National Change of Address for the United Kingdom, process NCOA changes so that direct mail reaches contributors who have moved. With partner Data8, this new Insights Platform feature automates the change of address changes for the United Kingdom.

With Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits, you can save time and automate procedures. When starting started with Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits, use new automated procedures (40 percent of tasks are automated!) to set up Marketing Cloud (Source:

With Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits, you can get started with the journey and email templates with less effort. New routes, email templates, and prebuilt segments with data for recurring donors, retention, urgent appeals, and more are now available.

Elevate* Template for Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits can help you convert more donors. A new email template to drive donors to a customized Giving Page across several trips.

With Marketing Cloud for Nonprofits Template Globalisation, you may communicate with your constituents in their own language. Email templates are available in the following languages: Dutch, German, French, Spanish, Japanese, and English from the United Kingdom.

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With their fundraising solution innovations, you can create donor-centric experiences

Donors and supporters are still being contacted by fundraisers through numerous avenues. To do it properly, you'll need current information and digital technologies to support online donations. Fundraisers can now use our new tools and updates to:

Accounting Subledger can generate accounting data for any data model for any purpose. To share, reconcile, and report to your accounting system, connect any object, including expenses, to Accounting Subledger.

With the Recurring Donations Change Log, you can better analyze and understand recurring donor programs. Amounts, Status Values, Schedules, and Campaigns all have extensive details about periodic donation modifications.

With Bad Address Indicator, you can ensure that your postal shipments are accurate. Without having to manually update or build out automation, identify bad addresses and stay in sync between Household, Contact, and Address information.

Using digital wallets, you can increase conversion. In Elevate, PayPal Checkout is now available. * Use Elevate* Test Mode to get product understanding before going live. This capability allows administrators to test Elevate functionality and payment data flows in and out of a connected CRM sandbox.

Set up your CRM instance quickly in order to link with the Elevate* Onboarding Status Page. Customers who use Elevate will be able to access all of the NPSP required steps and their current progress in one spot.

To become digitally first, use a single integrated platform

Platform technology is still being used by nonprofits to better understand those who support their missions. Organizations will benefit from our new innovation in the following ways:

Ensure that crucial constituent data is current. Nonprofits can benefit from the cloud. My Profile, Communication Preferences, Registered User Matching, and Automated Site Setup is among the common components provided for the speedier setup of an Experience Cloud site.

To conclude, there are massive changes to happen in the Nonprofit domain in the foreseeable future and this is just a start. Salesforce is truly becoming instrumental in bringing real change to the world.

Similarly, we at Apphienz are equally determined and dedicated to doing our bit and making a shift in the Nonprofit world and creating a difference in the lives of people in whatever way we can. If you are an organization looking for ways to improve, get in touch with us by visiting our website.


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