Discover the Five Ways that Salesforce Creates Best Value CRM Year after Year

Discover the Five Ways that Salesforce Creates Best Value CRM Year after Year

The Salesforce CRM and Sales integration architecture provide better deals following and continuous permeability, more fast-witted business choices as well as successful offering for an organization.

Salesforce is the most widely known cloud-based CRM with over 100 thousand clients worldwide. With a unified interface, one data model as well as a shared model, it enables a company to handle all business apps. A company that provides Salesforce development services master big business app enhancement and upkeep, offering customization and integration services. Moreover, Salesforce developers could actualize support and upgrade undertakings for conveying brilliant arrangements at moderate costs.

Salesforce integration tools that the company uses not only serve various purposes but work differently as well. They’re written in various languages, such as .NET, Java, PHP and got their specifics in data storage, visual presentation, business logic, and security. A Salesforce integration solution is a piece of software that manages and establishes communication between the Salesforce CRM as well as other systems, with the use of APIs to interpret messages that the systems exchange. The choice of a tool will depend on the number of systems for integrating and their specifics and the number of integration levels to cover.

Leverage the power of data through integrating Salesforce to external systems. Salesforce integration service could analyze business requirements and could design the best solutions for the organization. The Salesforce integration features include:

  1. Web to Lead. Make new leads in Salesforce from a Qualtrics survey. Conditions could be set with advanced logic to specifically identify which respondents would be saved into Salesforce and which would not.
  2. Response mapping. Map information from Qualtrics survey into records within Salesforce. There is an option to update, insert and delete records to default and custom objects. Conditions could be set with the use of advanced logic to particularly identify which respondents would be updated, inserted or deleted.
  3. Trigger and e-mail survey. Set up email trigger that contains a survey, which would be sent when a particular object’s WorkflowRule was met in Salesforce.
  4. Qualtrics on the AppExchange. Download Qualtrics from the Salesforce app exchange for access to Qualtrics Research Core directly from within Salesforce. The application also provides unique distribution methods, like mailing to a campaign or a list of contacts directly from Salesforce.


With Salesforce, there’s more to just having the number one CRM platform in the world. It also means joining more than 150,000 same-minded companies and find a huge community of experts and evangelists that are committed to the growth of the company.

  1. Get consistent ground-breaking innovation. Lead the pack with development years ahead of the others. Be among the first to utilize new technologies, thanks to the free upgrades every year as well as advanced services to help find the best path for a business. Some achievements could include AI, mobile-first CRM, top performance, and analytics.
  2. Use the platform that helps a business grow and scale. Build a business on a secure, single and scalable platform, which is easy to customize and upgrade without breaking anything. Extend the power to service, sell and market with pre-integrated applications on AppExchange, the biggest business app marketplace in the world.
  3. Run the whole business from a single mobile application. Help employees be more productive and move faster with the Salesforce 1 Mobile App. Service customers, close deals, track marketing, and even collaborate and share files on any device, all from one, integrated mobile application.
  4. Boost productivity at lightning speed. Make the experience employees need to sell faster and get more accomplished with the platform. Prove for driving growth and efficiency, the suite of market-leading products both boosts revenues as well as lower costs.
  5. Share and grow with the more than 2 million Trailblazers in the community. Share expertise and experience with one of the biggest, most passionate communities of partners, people, and developers, all brought together and drive by a common goal, and that is blazing a trail for and right along, the customers.


The Salesforce AppExchange is all about integration. It’s filled with thousands of applications that enable a third-party app that one may already be using to share data with Although it could take some work to get applications installed and running, there’s tremendous value available. Organizations that aren’t integrating software apps with Salesforce are likely missing key metrics, working with inaccurate or old data or experiencing the delay in post-event follow-ups.

Since its release, the Salesforce CRM has helped a huge number of businesses to better manage their customers and grow. When looking for perfect customer relationship management tool for a business, then look no further. Salesforce is committed to excellence. With outstanding features, it would begin to pay dividends in no time at all.

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