What is a Salesforce AppExchange App - Here's All You Need to Know

A marketplace called AppExchange provides products including software, parts, and consulting services. Salesforce AppExchange App is a platform that mainly improves a company's business process. It speeds up the process of signing documents and closing deals faster. The Salesforce AppExchange app services were introduced in the year 2006, which is the first platform that sells and distributes all the Salesforce applications. It is mainly used by developers, admin, and all other Salesforce professionals in order to make the whole working team more productive. 

AppExchange platform offers different types of solutions, services, and much more. It is helpful in resolving minor and significant issues with time constraints, creating solutions from scratch, integrating third-party services that your users have requested, or any other issue that may be resolved with Salesforce components.

Salesforce AppExchange App is like a new wide marketplace with multiple options of applications that are all related to the Salesforce platform. Applications, components, Lightning Data, Bolt solutions, and Flows are just a few of the many solutions available on AppExchange.

How Does the AppExchange App Work?

The most important thing that one should know is that the Salesforce partner solution is available publicly to all, and all these partners are the main backbone of the whole working of the AppExchange app.

The working of the AppExchange evolves around these three main steps which are:

  1. The first step is that Salesforce starts its work by creating a solution that can extend components that will help in improving the business process.
  2. The next step is where the Salesforce partners register, package, and also publish their solution on the AppExchange platform.
  3. The third step is where the customer, by using Salesforce, can explore and browse the solutions which are appropriate to their particular problems.

The Salesforce AppExchange App Development mainly was formed with an understanding of the significance of developing an application that provides ready-to-use solutions for any company. It deals with all kinds of problems related to business, be it major or minor. For all the Salesforce administrators, AppExchange works as a hub for tools and applications for them in order to help them re-brush their productivity.

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There are some essential points that one should always remember before installing the AppExchange package:

  • Before you start installing, review the whole pack properly
  • Make sure to take a test drive
  • Don’t forget to verify the application and do check the application requirements
  • Don’t forget to check whether the application supports the upgrade system or bot.

The installation process of each and every app is different from each other. Installation of the AppExchange solution is very straightforward. It’s up to you whether you install the app in a managed or unmanaged package. Always keep this in mind while installing the AppExchange in an organization; only one person can install the package at a time.

If you want to install the app and take the advantage of using it, kindly follow the steps below:

  1. The first step is to go directly to the page of AppExchange
  2. You should know the solution that you want to find and then browse the AppExchange
  3. Down, there will be an option of ‘Get it down’ mentioned on the solutions listing out there
  4. Now, select your environment type
  5. Enter all the requested information there
  6. After entering all the requested information there in the box, If the package you have selected is password protected, then enter the password you have already received from the publisher
  7. Now, the last step is just to review the packaged item which you wanted and click on the button to continue and follow all the on-screen instructions shown there on the screen.

 Who May Utilise the AppExchange?

Anybody is free to look through and download AppExchange listings. AppExchange apps can be installed by Salesforce administrators and users with the Download AppExchange Packages capability. A user needs the Create AppExchange Packages and Upload AppExchange Packages permissions in order to publish a listing on AppExchange.

Numerous Advantages of Using Salesforce AppExchange Apps

By streamlining event execution, providing quick, easy, and secure system interfaces, assisting service agents in providing individualized customer support, and removing the need for spreadsheets and manual data entry, apps from the Salesforce AppExchange can serve as a one-stop shop. Due to AppExchange's great degree of customization, it is simple for you to present your listing in the manner you see fit. This makes it easy for consumers to decide whether they require the services you are providing because your work will be clearly shown for them to review.

Top Salesforce AppExchange Applications

The AppExchange market contains over 3,400 apps. Applications for the Salesforce CRM platform are arranged by price, industry solutions, and category. The top free AppExchange apps are as follows: 

  1. The S-Docs app is an excellent choice for automating document creation and delivery. By integrating it into your Salesforce CRM, you will be able to easily and securely create invoices, proposals, reports, claim forms, contracts, and so on within your Salesforce Cloud and send them to your customers.
  2. The Campaign Monitor for Salesforce app is a useful tool for efficiently managing email marketing campaigns
  3. The SurveyVista app enables the creation of various corporate-branded surveys, forms, quizzes, checklists, questionnaires, and so on. Using Salesforce data, you can create personalized surveys, distribute them via email marketing campaigns, and track metrics and KPIs. 
  4. The myV2MOM app is an alignment framework made to help every team member understand and agree with the company's vision and strategy. Employees can view the CEO's overarching vision and ambitions for the company with this app. 
  5. Your Salesforce Org can benefit from the Elements, the cloud app's organization, documentation, and user adoption features.

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 The following are the most popular paid AppExchange apps among Salesforce customers:

  1. DocuSign is an eSignature tool for Salesforce. You can use this app to create and send documents for signature directly from your CRM. 
  2. The Blackthorn Events app is an excellent tool for integrating event management capabilities into Salesforce. It can be used for both in-person and virtual events. 
  3. The Formstack app allows you to create forms and collect data directly in your CRM.
  4. The Conga Grid app allows you to view, manage, and update data in Salesforce CRM.
  5. Inspire Planner is one of AppExchange's top-rated native project management apps. Its user-friendly interface makes it simple to manage projects of any size. At the same time, you have access to a wide range of advanced features, including project templates and powerful automation, time tracking, resource management, complex task dependencies, an interactive Gantt chart, and much more.
  6. TaskRay is a top-rated Salesforce app for ensuring a smooth customer onboarding process.


The AppExchange is a significant selling point for the Salesforce platform. AppExchange is desirable to users due to its fantastic marketplace where you can discover a wide range of applications and solutions for improving your Salesforce CRM and growing your company. Furthermore, if you are an independent developer, it is an excellent chance to create and publish your own Salesforce app and make money.


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