Top 10 Salesforce Interview Questions with Answers

The success and prosperity of any modern business depend on its ability to communicate with customers and meet their demands. That is why efficient Customer Relationships Management (CRM) simply cannot be overrated. And due to the fact that it is Salesforce that offers innovative solutions that make CRM most efficient and straightforward, it has rapidly become and will remain the most prosperous field and career choice on the labor market in the observable future.

Statistically, businesses that have adopted Salesforce in the past few years have already shown unprecedented growth. With a 34% productivity and 40% forecast accuracy increase, an average business with an efficient and seamless CRM achieved through the Salesforce technologies show at least a 30% sales growth promptly.

That is how Salesforce professionals such as Salesforce Admin and Salesforce Developer have become the most sought-after on the labor market worldwide today. Except for vivid growth and development perspectives, the Salesforce industry offers some of the highest salaries in the IT-sphere.

For example, an average salary of a Salesforce Developer, which is one of the entering positions in the field, is about $144,000. It is 26% higher than the average salary in the United States today.

However, to get access to those career and salary perspectives, you will have to become a considerable candidate in an extremely competitive Salesforce job market.

And while there are numerous online and offline training programs that can help you develop marketable, it is essential that you focus on those that offer:

  • Sufficient hands-on training along with comprehensive theory;
  • Training that allows you to receive Salesforce Certification to verify your qualification and get the tangible advantage over competitors;
  • A course that would provide you relevant Salesforce Interview Questions and best ways to answer, so you could demonstrate your whole expertise and potential, making a dazzling impression on your prosperous employer.

In this article, we shall go over the 10 most common Salesforce interview questions to give you a general understanding of the expectations and demands modern companies have for their Salesforce experts.

#1 – What is Salesforce?

It is the fundamental question at an interview. Asking this question, an employer does not check your actual knowledge of what Salesforce is (it is implied that you know!), but your ability to give a short and clear answer, demonstrating your efficiency and expertise.

Salesforce is a cost-effective software-as-a-service (SaaS) which is the most efficient CRM product today.

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#2 – What is an object in Salesforce?

The general object of Salesforce is a table that contains specific relevant data about the company. There are two types of objects in Salesforce:

  • Standard objects –default created objects in Salesforce. These are Contact, Account, and Lead;
  • Custom objects – those objects are created by the user explicitly. They can contain any sort of information such as the location of the company's offices, regular customers, etc.

#3 – What is referred to as a "custom object" in Salesforce?

Custom Objects in Salesforce are database tables that contain relevant data about the company operations.

#4 – What causes data loss in Salesforce?

Here are the most common reasons for data loss in Salesforce:

  • Switching date-time and data;
  • Switching to auto-number;
  • Switching from text-area to phone, e-mail, URL;
  • Switching from the multi-select picklist, checkbox, auto number to other types;
  • Switching to percent, number, and currency from other data types.

#5 – What are the principles of sales tracking in Salesforce?

The Salesforce tracking mechanism records certain fundamental details to create the chart. Those are:

  • The daily volume of sales;
  • Sales volume per month or quarter;
  • Sales Manager reports;
  • Number of customers served every day;
  • Returning customers and repeated customer activity.

#6 – What report types does Salesforce provide?

Salesforce provides 4 types of reports:

  • Tabular report – the overall total in table form;
  • Summary report – grouping based on columns only;
  • Matrix report – grouping system based on rows and columns simultaneously;
  • Joined report – a combination of two and more reports into one.

#7 – What are the tree relation types in Salesforce?

  • One-to-many;
  • Many-to-many;
  • Master-detail.

#8 – What is Dashboard in Salesforce?

Dashboard in Salesforce is a report's graphic representation. One dashboard can unite up to 20 reports.

#9 – What are static and dynamic dashboards and the difference between them?

  • Static Dashboards – default dashboards accessible for any user. It is most efficient when you want to demonstrate data to a whole set of users within the company;
  • Dynamic Dashboards – dashboards that demonstrate data adjusted for a specific user's needs. It can be used to update a certain user about relevant data such as converted leads, daily sales, etc.

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#10 – What are the benefits of Salesforce technology?

Salesforce allows various companies:

  • Provide a communication platform for all team members for their maximum efficiency;
  • Understand customers` needs and market demands, and react accordingly;
  • Generate quick and relevant reports;
  • It makes the management process seamless and most efficient.


While Salesforce is understandably becoming one of the most popular career paths on the modern labor market, the competition between applicants as well as employers demands is growing rapidly. That is why proper training, as well as successful Salesforce Certification and preparation for the Salesforce Interview, are becoming crucial today.

Being one of the pioneers in the field of Salesforce training, CRS Info Solutions provides comprehensive educational programs that allow people worldwide to enter the industry and become a sought-after experts even without any previous computer science or programming background.

Except for providing all the necessary knowledge and practical assignments that help students develop the necessary skills and gain relevant experience, they help Salesforce professionals determine the kind of Certification they need to become Certified Salesforce Admins and Certified Salesforce Developers. It allows fresh experts to become competitive and have an advantage even over those who have been working in the field for a significant period of time.

A career in Salesforce today guaranteed a wide range of growth and development perspectives that help people fulfill themselves as professionals and reach their financial goals. However, proper training and preparation for Interviews and Certification are the essential conditions for success.


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