All About Bric APP

Owing to numerous queries on what we do and how different are from the rest of the Business card scanner APPS, Card readers etc, we are putting together everything in a blog

Card scanning & Accuracy :


The most important aspect of a business card scanner is accuracy, which an OCR ( optical character recognition scanner ) can never be, which means each card has to be checked by the user & edited wherever required. Imagine a scenario where you return back from a trade fair with 250 cards... Nightmare?

Bric uses a combination OCR, AI & human intervention to turn out 99% accuracy in data capture. Hence it makes the process faster than a pure play transcription service with the same accuracy.

The service is competitively priced at a price range of 6 ¢ to 12 ¢ per card depending on the subscription which is almost 1/3 rd the price of the Industry average. Some of the vintage players charge around 30 ¢ per card.

Data Export & Sync :The next important use case for a business card scanner App is to get the scanned data onto other folders. Bric APP syncs the data to Phone book, Google Contacts, MS Outlook,  Salesforce and soon into other CRM like Hubspot, Zoho, freshsales, Zapier and so on. The data can also be exported as a CSV or XLS file and updated to other software.


The Important differentiator here is, there is no cap on no of exports syncs per day/week etc like most Scanning APPS. It's unlimited and has a simple interface to select & push multiple cards to multiple folders.

Sharing Cards :Saved cards can be easily shared with colleagues APP to APP, APP to Mobile or APP to Email. The sharing does not require the recipient to have the APP, it can just be shared as a URL / VCF file through SMS or email. The contacts can directly sync into their contact folder.

Web account : Bric APP also has a web interface from where scanned cards can be viewed, downloaded as CSV / XLS files. The upcoming features are integrations to other CRM from the web, data edits and uploading image files for transcription. A web interface gives a larger screen interface to engage with the data.

Sharing Personal Cards :While this is still not an evolved feature in Bric APP and there is a lot of work to go into this like creating a personal card etc, Bric APP still enables users to scan their cards and share it as a URL / VCF file, similar to how contacts can be shared. It updates everyone as and when the card is updated.

Bric APP has three versions, a freemium, Pro & an enterprise version, whereby the first two are for individuals and the third is best suited for corporates.Check out Bric API for developers to integrate card scanning for their software / CRM

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