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Salesforce SMS App - Leverage Smart SMS App to Get an Edge Over Your Competitors

A quick, reliable, and universal mode of communication offer much more than convenience to organizations looking to connect with their customers from anywhere and at any point in time. While there is no dearth of internet-based messaging apps, SMS (Short Messaging Service) continues to be clear winners as it has all the capabilities to put you ahead of the competition.

Being an internet independent toolSMS has converted into a reliable business communication tool that allows organizations to reach maximum handheld devices to send time-sensitive information. Apart from this, it is the great penetration power and shorter response time that makes it a preferred mode of communication. In fact, organizations are using the strategy of sending bulk SMS es to a large number of prospects to kick-off engagement, Sales, while cultivating positive relationships with customers at a scale.

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Today, organizations are considering integrating this robust communication tool within their business ecosystem via their CRM systems. As one of the most preferred and widely adopted CRM systems, Salesforce allows the integration of SMS apps that are endowed with advanced features and capabilities and can be leveraged by organizations for all their texting operations.

One such Salesforce SMS App is the Smart SMS app that is built natively on the Salesforce platform and allows the running of single/ bulk SMS/ MMS campaigns. The robust app empowers Sales reps to quickly reach out to customers with the help of advanced features such as Automation through workflows, customized SMS templates, a repository of SMS activities, Pardot integration, and more.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the significant features of this messaging app:

Automation through Workflows: Users can set-up workflow configurations for automating the sending of individual/ bulk SMS/ MMS.

SMS Template: By making use of an SMS template, sales reps can directly send text messages to their customers. All they need to do is to select the template, enter the number to which they intend to send messages, and send it right away.

SMS Scheduler: By using this feature, sales reps can schedule the sending of messages to their customers by setting up the time, date, and template in the Salesforce org. The SMS is sent automatically to the intended recipients on the scheduled date and time.

SMS from Report: The ‘Send SMS Using Report’ feature can be leveraged by sales reps to resolve the issue of unanswered calls and emails. By making use of this feature, users can select the template, the report, and the phone numbers to and from which they intend to send SMS.

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SMS has become a dependable, cost-effective, and effective mode of communication for engaging with customers. The smart SMS app is highly scalable and flexible that offers organizations a perfect solution to all their messaging requirements and across all channels.


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