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When it comes to CRM the first thing we talk about is Salesforce and when it comes to CMS the first thing we talk about is WordPress. For a decade now these companies have been ruling in their respective markets.

Salesforce with the help of its CRM is bringing ease to millions of companies across the globe. Different levels of companies, be it small, medium, or large, are using Salesforce CRM and leveraging the power of their data to make better decisions.

Whereas talking about CMS, WordPress provides very powerful backend support for developers to develop applications as well as to content creators to publish their content. Recently, they collaborated with Google’s Web Stories, a new community for content creators. Using the WordPress plugin, content creators can create their web stories which will appear on Google Discover as well.

After ruling separately for decades someone thought of combining the power of CRM and CMS by integrating them i.e. Salesforce and WordPress. Since this is done over time it has helped lots of companies to easily use CRM and CMS together. Additionally, it has also given rise to portals which made it easy for companies to transmit data and serve customers better.

Over the course of time, more than a thousand portals of various types are created. Here, we are going to discuss what you as a company can provide to your customers in this pandemic and how portals will help you serve better.

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If your business is using the Salesforce customer portal then below are some of the new features that you can include in it:

  • Augmented Reality:

Almost every person today will be following social distancing. In such times if your customers need assistance, then it's time to play safe. This is when you can have an AR feature in your portals. With the help of AR, your customers can login to your portal and can see how to use your company’s products, solve any issues, and many more.

  • Video Call Support:

Video call meetings are the new normal. They are here to stay for a longer time than you can imagine. Integrate any video calling application or create your own within your portal. This will help your customers connect with your employees and solve their issues. This feature will definitely help you serve your customers better. Going one step further, you can even provide your customers with an option to fix a video call appointment with your employees. It even helps you check in with your customers as well as employees’ availability.

  • Show employee temperature:

In any unavoidable situation if you need to send your employees to your customers’ home then you can take all the basic precautions. Check your employees’ temperatures and update them in the portal at a specific time. You can notify the customer about this according to time and location. This will help you and your customers’ feel safe. Additionally, this will even give a message to your customers that your business is taking precautions to keep you and the employees safe.

  • Building community:

Most of us are going to stay home for safety reasons even after businesses open up. You can take this as an opportunity and build a community in your portal itself. You can provide your customers with basic FAQs, internal communication with each other, and more. This will help your customers stay updated with your products and services and their work. Take this as an opportunity to connect with your customers and serve them better.

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We can understand, oftentimes it can be difficult to implement a portal from the variety of options available in the market. To overcome these issues you can use our Salesforce WordPress plugin which easily integrates with your website, gets set up in minutes, and is feature-rich. Connect with our experts here.


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