Salesforce Summer '22 Release

Salesforce Summer '22 Release - Go Through the Highlights

Lather on the sunscreen and pour a cold glass of lemonade; warm weather is here, which means it's time for Salesforce's Summer '22 update release! This release is chock-full of exciting cusBtomization updates ready for you to use within your Salesforce organization. We discuss some of our favorite new features coming in Summer '22. Here are a few of the most exciting updates:

Salesforce Platform

Custom Address Fields (Beta)

This feature, while currently in Beta, allows for improvement of data accuracy and user experience. With a custom address field, users will be able to populate a custom address field manually or using a Google lookup. After the address has been input, it can then be accessed as a structured compound data type, or as individual address components.

Customize and Filter Related Lists in the Lightning App Builder

Tired of going into page layout editor to adjust your Related Lists? Now you can customize your Related Lists directly within the Lightning App Builder by using the new Dynamic Related List-Single component. This new component allows you to customize the Related List by:

  • Giving the list a descriptive name
  • Choosing the list's fields and sorting the order
  • Applying filters to the list

Below, we use 2 dynamic related list-singles in Lightning App Builder. One displays Opportunities that were created in the last 30 days, and the other displays Opportunities that have an amount higher than 500,000.

Lightning App Builder
Related Lists

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Development: Write Queries with GraphQL API (Beta)

Do you want to better your app's performance and send and receive data more efficiently, but don't want to use REST APIs? Look no further than GraphQL API for Salesforce. You can query all of the data you want in a single request, and receive only the data you need. This API can be used to aggregate records, request explicit fields, introspect the schema, and more.

Automation: Flow Tests (Beta)

Is debugging your record-triggered flow your least favorite part of its development? This feature is still in Beta, but you can test your flow to test its results, and identify run-time failures. Automated testing will save you time, and helps improve your flow's reliability. Creating, saving, and running tests will all be done within Flow Builder, before activating your flow. There are some limitations to flow tests, though. You can only test a flow path that runs immediately, and flow tests do not support flows that run on record delete.

Below is a flow test that tests a simple flow that updates a custom checkbox, Opportunity is Closed Won, whenever an Opportunity's stage is changed to Closed Won. The first test asserts that the checkbox was updated to true, and the second asserts that the checkbox was not updated. The first assertion passes, while the second fails.

flow test assertions
flow tests

Analytics: Find the Best Report Type for New Reports

Save time on selecting report types by utilizing the new enhanced report type selector. The enhanced report type selector allows for quick access to recently used report types, and allows the user to view the fields and objects included in the report type. This enhancement allows you to see if the report type is standard or custom, and hides report types you don't need, leading to a cleaner, and more efficient user experience.


Sales Cloud: Manage Associations Between Automatically Captured Emails and Related Records

Looking to override automatic associations that happen with Einstein Activity Capture? With this release, you now can. You have the choice of removing some or all of the associations between an email and related records, and you can also add new associations. This gives you the flexibility to associate information with more relevant records.

Service Cloud: Add Flexibility and Power with Messaging for In-App and Web

This update allows Enterprise Service Cloud users to start conversations with customers on their app or website. It enhances the pre-chat support by gathering the customer's needs and accesses records before the agent connects in the Service Console. It also provides a more modernized experience by utilizing mobile push notifications and custom branding.

Experience Cloud: Create Records More Efficiently for High-Volume Sites

Want your high-volume Aura site to maintain efficiency? With this update, you can enable your site to generate five times as many records simultaneously without slowing down. Utilize this update to keep your site moving during heavy traffic spikes.

Commerce Cloud: Sell Globally in B2C Stores

Want to sell globally in your B2C store? You can specify currency and language for a B2C store. To sell globally, select the country that you want to allow purchases from, and choose whether taxes are included or not in the store prices. There are also new, configurable properties to translate store labels and inform users whether prices displayed include taxes or not.

Field Service: Make Appointment Status Changes Easier

Obtain accurate activity insight without interrupting your mobile workers by setting up your Field Service mobile app to update appointment statuses. This update includes a manual, timed, or automatic mode for Automatic Status Change and allows your mobile workers to stay focused on their job, while automatically giving your back-office workers the activity insights they need.

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Pardot: Automate Better with Completion Action Enhancements

Your automation in Pardot just got better. You can now apply completion actions to prospects that meet certain conditions you define. These conditional completion actions are grouped based on prospect conditions. You also can combine standard and conditional completion actions on a single asset, making it fully customizable.

Industries: Invoke Decision Matrices from Flows

Flows created by using Salesforce Flow can now invoke a decision matrix action element. A decision matrix is an exact-match-based lookup table, which means that it will match your input to a row in the table and return the row's output. In this case, it returns the output to the flow. To utilize this in a flow, you will add an Action element to the canvas, select the decision matrices category, search for your desired matrix, and then enter values into the parameters that are defined in the matrix.

Get Customizing and Automating

With this release comes even more customization and flexibility within your Salesforce organizations. Though these are only a few highlights of the '22 Summer release, it's clear that Salesforce is committed to their user experience and building unique, customizable organizations. If you'd like to learn more about these updates, or any of the many other updates, read up on the official release notes. If you have any questions about Salesforce or would like to see these updates implemented into your Salesforce organization, contact DB Services!

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