Salesforce Product - Service Cloud

Salesforce Product : Service Cloud

Salesforce Product : Service Cloud

The Service Cloud Platform or a customer support platform gives your agents power to deliver service that’s as instant and easy as a conversation. Not only that, but also your customers can choose how to reach out and start a conversation with you, anywhere, and on any device. Email, phone, SMS, social media, online communities, or real-time web chat. Every channel is available for agents to respond to whatever customers need—and that keeps your customers happy.

Through Service Cloud, you can embed customer support into your existing mobile apps and websites and make possible for your agents to deliver in mobile app support through tools like Live Agent and SOS video chat with on-screen guide assistance. Now a platform gets open in for the customer and an agent to discuss the task at any time or anywhere.

Service Cloud platform works upon the service segment so agents can monitor a customer’s needs and respond to whatever channel the customer feels comfortable including phone, email, SMS, and even Twitter or Facebook. It gives every agent a 360-degree customer view from a single screen on the Service Console. The Service Cloud platform connects sales, marketing, and customer service. So agents can always have the information they need.

Have a look at the Service Cloud Platform in action with the demo.

Automation In Service Cloud

Automation makes life easy to work upon, in the same way through automation you can help support agents by routing cases to the right agent at right time and put all information of their customers they need at their fingertips.

Service Console, a place where all the customer's information placed which is easy to find out by support agent to handle and saves valuable time, solving cases quickly, proficiently, and effectively.

Self-Service Channel

In the era of Digital, every customer prefers to use self-service to find what they need to make it easier for them to get and share the answers they’re looking for with a self-service community and portal. Just because it’s connected to the Service Cloud Platform, customers can escalate their issue directly to a service agent whenever they want to do so.

Get Quick Answers with Salesforce Knowledge

Service Cloud Platform integrates your entire knowledge base into your service website and into the Service Console.

For Knowledge, we mean build your knowledge base by instantly sourcing information from the collective wisdom of your company and the several type of information exist in the knowledge base we can refer them as an Articles. An article can be made up of anything from frequently asked questions such as “How do I find replacement parts?” to information on a process, such as how to reset product defaults.

Automate Common Tasks By Macros

A nice solution for the problem that a service agent face every day by doing a set of common tasks repetetively around dozen times a day. Let me explain through example

So, let's imagine an agent doing the following set of common tasks dozens of times a day to update the status of a case:

  1. Open a case in the Service Console.
  2. Navigate to the case status field.
  3. Change the status.
  4. Click save.
  5. Repeat steps 1–4 with the next case.

Now imagine this set up as a macro:

Select one or more cases in the Service Console.

Run the macro on them all and have the macro do the work for you. This may really helpful for saving time.

Sales + Service = Happy Customers

Both Sales and Service are separate parts of an organization, each with their own distinct jobs, goals, and customer experiences. The conventional wisdom is:

  • Sales brings in new customers.
  • Service helps retain customers by solving their problems.

Nowadays customers expect an amazing customer experience every single time they interact with your company and if they don’t, they won’t hang around to see your next product launch—and that’s no way to grow a brand.

By the help of Salesforce Platform everyone in your sales and service team has a 360-degree view of every customer and their interactions with your company. And with this knowledge, your company gains the competitive advantage of delivering faster, smarter, more personalized service.

How a 360-Degree Customer View Can Help You Create Happier Customers and a Higher ROI (Return Of Investment)

  • Your service agents are smarter
  • Your sales team is empowered
  • Your business grows faster

A single platform where both Sales and Service can tap into customer insights anytime. Salesforce Platform lets companies have all customer data together at one place. Which means companies can take full advantage of wherever the next generation of technology takes your customers and business. And that’s not only true for sales and service, but also for marketing, analytics, communities, commerce—and more.

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