Salesforce Product - Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Product : Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Product : Marketing Cloud

A platform with seven primary products that helps to reach out your customers at the right time, with the right message, and in the right way.  It's not a single product but a family of products that bring all aspects of data and marketing together.



The seven products of marketing cloud as follows :

  • Email Studio : for email marketing.
  • Mobile Studio : for mobile messaging.
  • Social Studio : for social media marketing.
  • Advertising Studio : an audience and campaign management tool.
  • Journey Builder : for cross-channel consumer engagement.
  • Salesforce DMP : a data management platform.
  • Data Studio : a secure platform for data sharing.

Through Marketing Cloud, you can :

  • Connect to your customers where they are (for example, email, mobile, web).
  • Offer tailored recommendations, reminders, and discounts.
  • Provide customer service in real time.
  • Listen to what consumers say on social media and respond to their needs.
  • Allow marketers to expand their reach and discover new audiences.

Trust is the major aspect and Salesforce gives priority to focus upon trust. Similar like sales and service cloud, marketing cloud has website that shows real-time information about our performance and security. is Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s community home for real-time information on system performance and security.

Products of Marketing cloud are sub categorized into three different categories:

Marketing Cloud Messaging Products
Email Studio Mobile Studio Journey Builder
Marketing Cloud Advertising and Data Products
Advertising Studio Salesforce DMP Salesforce Data Studio
Marketing Cloud Social Media Management
Social Studio

How Marketing Cloud Works with Sales Cloud and Service Cloud

Marketing cloud is best example to solve the problem of Data Synchronization and connect all your customer data, including data from Sales Cloud and Service Cloud. It provides a 360 degree view of every customer. Marketing Cloud enables your team to reach prospects, leads, and customers in Sales Cloud and Service Cloud. It will refresh and sync the Salesforce CRM data automatically.


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