Salesforce Marketing Cloud

What is Marketing Cloud?

To manage the relationship between marketers and customers, we use Marketing Cloud. Salesforce Marketing Cloud is used to make a interaction with customers. It increases the product popularity. Email, mobile, advertising, social media are used in marketing cloud. Predictive analytics which is included by software is used to make decisions to select a preferable channel. Journey Builder is used to helping marketers tailor a campaign to the behaviour of customers and need. If we are talking about Event-driven triggers, a welcome message is sent through marketing cloud. Salesforce marketing cloud is connected to Sales cloud and service cloud.

There are seven primary products which are used to contact customers in the right way at the right time with right information. Marketing cloud is a platform composed of these products. Marketing cloud connects their customers using email, mobile messaging, social media. Following are the products family which make one product :

  • Email Studio, for email marketing.
  • Mobile Studio, for mobile messaging.
  • Social Studio, for social media marketing.
  • Advertising Studio, an audience and campaign management tool.
  • Journey Builder, for cross-channel consumer engagement.
  • Salesforce DMP, a data management platform.
  • Data Studio, the secure platform used for data sharing.


Using marketing cloud we can manage our customer experience and digital communication for marketing and sales-service. We can perform following functions using marketing cloud :

  • Expand to search more campaign customers and reach them easily.
  • Provides discounts, reminders and recommendations.
  • Customer service can be provided easily in real time.
  • Easy to connect customers using email, mobile, and web.
  • Easy to respond customer’s need and can listen what customers say on social media.


Is Marketing Cloud is valuable?If you need to connect your specific customer in many ways then marketing cloud is the only right option for you. When a customer buys your product, they enter into a relationship with you. Now it’s your responsibility to give a good service and response if the customer is facing any problem. Customer demand for personalized service with your product. If you want to create a relationship to drive trust and loyalty with customers using marketing cloud.

How Marketing Cloud is trustable :Marketing cloud has a website similar to sales and service cloud that shows real-time performance and it’s also very secure. We can also track the status timely and we can also access the details of incidents and reports to check whole day’s performance and updates. How our product is performing and how we keep our customer’s data secure, depends on us.

Marketing Cloud performance with Sales Cloud and Service Cloud :

Marketing cloud handles a big challenge data synchronization. We use it to connect all our customer data also including sales cloud and service cloud data. This interacts with a 360-degree view of all customers individual data. Using marketing cloud we can handle customer’s profile smartly.


Marketing Cloud Connect enables your team to use the same branding images and messages to reach prospects, leads, and customers in Sales Cloud and Service Cloud. You can tailor every customer interaction directly from the Marketing Cloud and deliver your message across all channels and devices. Marketing Cloud can listen for customer actions, and when a lead turns into a contact, Marketing Cloud continues the customer journey. Marketing Cloud Connect makes any journey possible.

  • Connect any standard or custom Salesforce data to Marketing Cloud.
  • Create engagement across Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, and Service Cloud.
  • Refresh and sync your Salesforce CRM data automatically.

So Salesforce Marketing Cloud connects social to marketing, sales, and service with social media marketing tools. Listen, engage, publish, and analyze data from over a billion sources, and automate social workflow.


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