Salesforce Integration Services: 7 Popular Apps for Salesforce Integration with Service Cloud

In today's digital world, Salesforce Service Cloud is considered to be the world's best solution for effective customer service. Do you know why? The answer is that it is based on SAAS model which has made it more productive and effective services available on the cloud. With it at the helm, it becomes relatively easy for organizations to meet their current as well as future requirements by quickly scaling their operations.

Such is the power of service cloud that even advanced companies know that service cloud integration with Salesforce is the best way to get a progressive result! It offers a complete package of cutting-edge features in the form of case management, service console, social media customer service, live chat, and many more.

Irrespective of whether you belong to B2B or B2C enterprise, you will come across several customers who will raise grievances and only the service cloud will be there to your rescue. So, a combination of Salesforce with service cloud is not bad, but indeed a good idea to look towards greener pasture!

In the given article, we will describe in detail about those tools which help in successful Salesforce integration with service cloud to offer personalized customer services at your doorstep.

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A. Trailhead: A Virtual Mentor with New Tactic to Learn Salesforce

Basically, it is a learning experience platform that teaches a user how to use Salesforce effectively. Not only it guides the administrators and developers through its learning path to utilize specific features of Salesforce well, but it also allows them to add lots of new content easily.

But what is its importance in the virtual business? The answer lies in the fact that a new customer is a novice to Salesforce and would find it difficult to adopt them in their business well. So, it becomes prudent for them to first learn about the Salesforce trail as it will help a customer to get accustomed to every aspect of the given platform well.

If you are new in the business and don’t know much about CRM; then opting for Trailhead is indeed a good option. Do you know why? It is because it will help you to learn CRM well so to make your business operation faster and smoother.

Furthermore, it will bring significant improvement in your services by integrating Salesforce with project management apps such as DocuSign and thus strike the right balance between your task and project in the most efficient way.

B. Congo Composer App: Effective in Managing & Updating Salesforce Data

This app is known for better updating and good maintenance of the Salesforce data to offer meaningful insight into the customers to the organizations. Do you know the benefits associated with integrating Salesforce CRM with Congo Composer?

If the answer is no; then go through it- ‘not only it simplified the reporting, delivery and document generation, but also makes the presentation and reports in MS-Word, HTML, email, and Excel as simple with no doubt.’ Now you understand, isn't it?

Its recent surge in popularity among leading Salesforce integration services provider is due to the hidden fact that it allows you to work from one platform. So, there is less spending time on updating Salesforce API and more devotion in spending time in improving your core activities.

Another important aspect of the Conga composer is that it comes with a free trial version that can be utilized for full services at the nominal fee to the delight of the customers. Sound's good, what do you say?

C. Macros: A Perfect Solution for Removing Repetitive Tasks

It is one of the most popular tools for agents working with the Salesforce service cloud. Do you know why? It is because it is one of the productivity tools which combine common grievances of the customers to create a common solution so to prevent reinventing of service wheel every time.

It automates the basic monotonous tasks and helps users to resolve the entire client’s issue with just a single click. With the presence of a macro tool, the users are empowered to control their calling functionality like calling their clients, putting them on hold and transferring calls and adding people without logging out from the system itself.

They not only save the time of the Salesforce team but also help them to create a wonderful customer service to meet their needs and expectations in no time which is unmatched when compared to the other tools. That's it!

D. Gainsight: A Service Cloud-Based Customer Success Software

The one notable aspect to enhance the image of a business is to ensure customer success. Why? The answers lie in the fact that if customers are satisfied with your services, there will be a significant decrease in customer churning towards other enterprises and also an increase in upsell opportunities.

To make it happen, opt for a full-featured app such as Gainsight which offers full-fledged automation to track thousands of customers and offer them services to meet their expectations most efficiently.

Furthermore, Gainsight also does better in enhancing efficiencies of in-house development capabilities well and make it available to the customers so that they would get what they desire easily. Besides, it is also renowned for offering a perfect client success solution without wasting your much important time!

As customer success can make or break your company, implementing Gainsight not only is the next step towards meeting your objectives, you will also remain one step ahead of your rivals. So, don't you think that Gainsight is the right fit for your business?

E. DigitalGenius: Best App for Hassle-Free Data Migration towards Service Cloud

The most unique aspect of the given app is that it utilized an AI platform which helps in automating repeatable tasks and provide immediate solutions to the customers. What's more, it also allows marketing agents to focus on other complex cases like data migration in the most effective manner.

Is there any valid reason for using the given app for migrating data to Salesforce service cloud? Yes, there are; not one but many! First is that data migration occurs in a protected connection and after its completion, all your credentials are instantly deleted.

Likewise, there is no involvement of the IT department in transferring your customer service data to a new helpdesk and so the whole process becomes utmost simple. And you know? It comes with exceptional data mapping which ensures that all the data records end up arriving at the right destination in the service cloud.

So, incorporate the DigitalGenius app and get access to the best data migration without causing you a real headache; what you say?

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F. Glance App: Provision of World-Class Support to Customer Service Team

If you want one of the best available customer services, then voice and chat alone can't produce the best result. You have to go for a glance which is an integrating screen sharing platform that elegantly offers frictionless customer engagement.

With the help of your service console, you can view what your users are watching which results in the elimination of long back and forth conversion of technical issues. Furthermore, it comes with a Glance agent video which humanizes the digital engagement by having a face-to-face interaction with the customer using real-time video.

Furthermore, if you want to enhance the visual engagement capabilities in your service cloud, then don't forget to add a lightning component in the Salesforce object and see the best result presented in front of you.

G. Coveo: An innovative App Empowering your Agent Proactively

If your organization wants to have the capability to permit the customers to seek an answer to their questions; then ignoring them will be your gravest mistake. Furthermore, companies found it difficult to manage their structure with clear-cut information and commit mistakes by resolving cases haphazardly without thinking twice.

If you are down to such a precarious situation; then Coveo is what you need. It is an AI-powered search engine which offers an out-of-box solution to help your users by optimizing the experience based on the successful outcomes.

Besides, it comes with more than 50 fully-supported secure search connectors which will assure you to find the right information for your grievances. Nevertheless, searching does not end here. It also supports agents by providing them access to all the contents as per their need with a continuous recommendation based on their active current case.

Future Thought

Every Salesforce integration consultant company needs some tools which will work wonder when integrated with the service cloud. The given article has thus presented some of the most popular Salesforce integration apps and tools which when integrated with cloud happen to offer successful customer service.

So what are you waiting for? Opt for one of these tools and integrate Salesforce with service cloud effectively and thus arrive at fruitful results thus benefiting your organization most appropriately.

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