Salesforce Consulting Services - 8 Excellent Salesforce Tools to improve your Sales Pipeline

Ever asked any sales organization which technology they have heavily invested as an alternative to the CRM? The answer is Salesforce which has now become a vital force that you can ignore at your own peril.

Ask anyone- you will hear that investment in Salesforce is amplified because of its high integration capabilities with the rest of the technologies used in their sales and marketing teams.

Do you know the recent buzz whirling around Salesforce? It is more related thanks to the highly customized and adaption features of the given technology which provides a new lease of life to the already congested business procedures.

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Nevertheless, for the Salesforce developers; time is the most essential and scarce resource and they need it to use this technology wisely. To make the life of developers less complicated, there are some tools available which are will help them to:

  • Release their customization
  • Understand the impact of changes
  • Provide data back-up
  • Enhance business efficiency

Before moving to the next section, one question should be answered which comes in the mind of the people- If Salesforce is such a hit among the businessmen, then why the need for utilizing Salesforce tools arises?

The answer lies in the fact that although Salesforce has simplified the sales process, its usage becomes complex and turns the life hell for those who are unable to understand it well.

Before moving to the crux of the article, you should be convinced now that without Salesforce tools; you shall not be able to offer benefits of your Salesforce consulting services to the prospective customers efficiently.

With the help of these tools, entry-level to experienced professionals; all can use them to derive meaningful business solutions. Let’s venture deep into some of the top Salesforce tools and find out which will be helpful in your business operations.

Salesforce Tools - Best Way to Reshape your Business towards Prosperity

Salesforce is the world's first cloud CRM platform which is used extensively by more than 150,000 companies across the globe. With its exclusive architectures and advanced tools, the users find it easy to cherish their dream of getting close to the perfect solution.

Also, the arrival of various Salesforce tools has further simplified complex business operations and has boost-up the efficiency of the given project.

There is no need to worry about the designing of these popular Salesforce tools as they are efficient in accomplishing various exercises such as sales and marketing, emails, automation, and content management.

Various Salesforce tools are successfully utilized by professionals for their effective business development. These tools are:

I. Ambition - Best Salesforce Analytics Tool for Successful Sales Management

The given Salesforce analytical tool is a bread and butter for those companies which use multiple platforms for collecting genuine data. The best part about the Ambition tool is that it integrates well not only with Salesforce but also with other 3rd party systems.

It's an amazing aspect as it can take different forms of data for analysis and thus act as the most preferred tool for people involved in sales management. There are various features which make it stand out among other tools such as:

  • Helping Sales team to retrieve real-time data from Salesforce, phone, and other resources
  • Setting-up of timely benchmarks for standard and custom Salesforce data

Due to such extensive features, delighted sales representatives get access to automatic updates easily. Thus, the given tool provides a great platform to showcase performance analytics from multiple systems (including Salesforce) at a single place.

II. Cirrus Insight - A Preferred Salesforce tool for Perfect Sync with Gmail

A pioneer in blending Salesforce integration with Gmail, Cirrus Insight is the best tool that you can rely upon. It helps in syncing calendar and email with Salesforce accounts. Not only it provides real-time data sync, but it also permits you to set-up outbound email and call sequences using Flight Plan functionality.

Withstanding competition from other tools, the given platform offers the most reliable email and calendar sync in the market that too at an unbeatable cost. It is a fantastic tool that helps the users to adapt their features for their services successfully.

What’s more, it gets necessary assistance from Salesforce in the form of easy upgrading of its features and functionalities. So, be ready to use its advanced features to cherish your dream of accomplishing numerous purposes.

III. Clearbit - A Salesforce tool for Prospect Data Management

The main objective of every organization is to have ideal data management to get fruitful results. For any Salesforce enthusiasts, dealing with data management hassle-free is possible with the help of a tool called Clearbit.

An innovative tool, helps the users to verify and anticipate company information, customers' contact information and others with Salesforce CRM account appropriately.

Do you know about the exciting part of the given tool? If no, then listen! It is that it requires minimum manual tasks and allows you to have a glimpse of the customers' profile and assist you to select the ideal prospect from numerous ones after screening the client’s outlook.

An unknown fact about the given tool is that it is easy to integrate it with Slack, Gmail, and Drift. So, what is a thrilling fact about it? It is because you can get insightful business options that will be fruitful for boosting your business prospects. That's it!

IV. Drift - Renowned Salesforce Tool for Online Chat & Web Conversion

The best-known tool among business circles which has been developed by former HubSpot leaders to provide outstanding communication, Drift comes with the best features such as lead capture and enrichment, forms and chat UIs.

As it contains such overwhelming features, it because easy for it to integrate with Salesforce well. It is best suited when your company is engaged with your prospect frequently.

So, using Drift will provide a pathway to collect and track the data from the conversation occurring within the environment of the Salesforce in the best possible way.

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V. Pardot - Best Salesforce Marketing Automation Tool

If you want to enhance your marketing strategies and approaches; then opting for the Pardot automation Salesforce tool is not a bad option. Do you know why?

The given tool is instinctive in nature and comes with advance automation which helps the users to get direct help in improving the revenue goals successfully.

With Pardot, you are assured of the best alignment of the sales and marketing team. Likewise, you can also utilize the existing considerable resources for marketing wisely.

VI. Engagio - A Salesforce Tool as Perfect Aid in Sales & Marketing

Engagio is the best tool for Salesforce users; quite simply because it brings a full arsenal of accounting techniques to benefits the sales and marketing teams. It also provides them an all-in-one interface for managing their account most proficiently.

As Salesforce is at the helm, Engagio provides you with clear insights and synchronization to face the customers with guts. A much-needed relief for small and medium enterprises!

VII. Guru - A Capable Salesforce Content Management Tool

If you want to get access to a powerful content management platform; then opting for Guru is your best decision because it provides extra value to your Salesforce system. It enables you to add content to the card so to organize your sales collateral as simple for reps.

Even more, each visit by you to track the lead, contact or account page in Salesforce will signal the existence of the relevant information in the best possible manner.

VIII. Prezi - Best Salesforce Tool for Sales Presentations

Do you want to track the interactions with your customers via presentations and find how it has impacted through the use of Salesforce? Then opt for the Prezi tool which is an ideal business platform blending completely with Salesforce with great ease. Interesting, isn't it?

Prezi is a go-go platform to track your prospects and provide them with presentation analytics and that too within the Salesforce model. Furthermore, notes of the presentation are provided to the users through prospect clicks and view time efficiently.


Truth to be told, Salesforce is now a great force to reckon with and the arrival of new tools will only result in an increase in the productivity time and ROI for your business. Agree or not?

Salesforce tools are as proficient as the Salesforce itself and utilizing them will help your business to ascend new heights daily. So, think about these tools and find out which will be best to bring glory to your Salesforce consulting services.

Reference: Emorphis

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