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Salesforce Data Loader: A Comprehensive Guide (2021)

Data is dynamic and it grows much before you can think!

It could be true for your personal data, data for your business, and even data from across the globe.

If we talk about the numbers, we have created more than 90% of the total world data in the recent two years only.

Also, it has been estimated that by 2025, more than 463 exabytes of data will be created each day across the globe. Which is more than 212,765,957 DVDs per day!

Well that is hell loads of data and we got to manage it at every level.

This could be done in various ways. However, something which could be scary is managing it manually.

Worry not! We have got tools and professionals to help you with Salesforce Data Loader Implementation. Data loading is one such process that helps in managing this bulking data in a better manner. And there are several cloud-based tools to further help with this process.

Let us talk about this process and look at the reasons if you really need it as a business or not:

What is Data Loading?

Data Loading is a process of loading and copying data as well as data sets. This is carried out from source file/folder or even application to a similar application or a database. This helps in storage and processing utility when required.

Why Do Businesses Need It?

Undeniably, data and CRM platforms go hand-in-hand for most businesses.

In order to run a smooth CRM platform, it is important to manage the data in the best manner possible.

Storing, recording, processing, tracking, and analyzing the customer database creates the bulk of data.

Making it extremely important for the business to manage data & ensure profitable outcomes from the same.

Salesforce is one of the topmost CRMs across the world, most businesses use it.

And if it is one such business, then you would need to know everything regarding the Salesforce Data Loader without fail.

And here is a mention of important information about the Salesforce Data Loader as required by your business.

What is Salesforce Data Loader?

The Salesforce Data Loader is a universally accepted tool with some of the advanced features to make data loading an effortless task.

It is essential to let you update and manage your information.

Salesforce data loader makes sure that your new data is incorporated flawlessly into your database.

Some advanced features of the Salesforce data loader are that it even helps in eliminating the redundant information from your database.

Pulling the data, updating it, or even deleting the records helps your employees in such a way that it adds to the profitability of your business.

If you are looking for an option to import or export bulk data from Salesforce this is a go-to tool for you.

This application works well with Mac as well as Windows environments making it easy to use.

The four most important core functions of Salesforce Data Loader:

  1. Insertion of new Data
  2. Updation of the data
  3. Deletion of the data
  4. Exporting the data

Apart from these, there are some other functions as well such as upsert, hard delete, and export, which can be performed with the help of Salesforce Data Loader.

salesforce data loader

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Key features Of Salesforce Data Loader

Let’s talk about the key features of Salesforce data loader:

Interactive UI: In order to leverage an easy-to-use interface, you use Salesforce Data Loader, as it comes from seamless UI. Some of the best features are drag-and-drop field mapping used to map the fields into the Salesforce from input files.

Scalability: Loading Huge files with more than 5 million records can be done effortlessly with the Salesforce Data Loader.

Platform Support
: Salesforce Data loader is known for flawless cross-platform support. Along with that, it supports both Mac as well as Windows computers. Additionally, it supports a lot of data objects and even custom objects.

Logging Files
: There is a detailed log of the files with mention of success and error, in CSV (Comma-separated values) format. This in turn helps in easy analysis.

CSV Viewer
: The built-in CSV file viewer in Salesforce Data Loader lets you have a look at the files even before you process with configuring them for the data loading process.

Common Uses of Salesforce Data Loader

Here is a list of common uses of Salesforce Data Loader

  • Load more than 5 million records in a go with Salesforce Data Loader.
  • Data objects without Import wizard can also be easily handled with Salesforce Data Loader.
  • One can easily schedule data loaders at desired intervals with Salesforce Data Loader making it extremely convenient. This whole process then becomes automated, post schedule you can even go for night uploads without any pain.
  • Lets you export data even from the Salesforce backup purposes.
  • Salesforce Data Loader can be used to process the data in Salesforce as well as

Salesforce Data Loader is undeniably doing wonders for most businesses.

Here is a list of some more uses which comes under the scope of Salesforce data Loader:

scope of Salesforce data Loader

Top Data Loaders for Salesforce and which one will you choose?

Salesforce offers a wide range of Data Loaders and here is a mention of the best Data Loaders for you. Let us have a look at these:

Top Data Loaders for Salesforce:

Top Data Loaders

Let us talk about each of these Data Loaders in Details:

Data Import Wizard

Data Import Wizard from Salesforce is a data loading tool by Salesforce and is available in all editions.

The user experience is seamless and hence it can be said that it offers an easy-to-navigate interface.

Recent upgrades to Data Import Wizard include importing more objects as well as Accounts & Contacts, Leads, Solutions, Campaign Members & Person Accounts.

Additionally, the Salesforce Data Import Wizard lets you import custom objects!

Salesforce Data Loader

Salesforce Data Loader is a better and bigger version of Salesforce Data Import Wizard. It is more powerful, has higher limits, and makes better possibilities available.

It could be directly installed on the computer and interaction with the data is possible in many different ways as well when it comes to Salesforce Data Loader. With this Data loader, you can insert, update, export or delete the data.

The records with import wizard can be increased from 50, 000 to 5 million. A number of backend settings make it an easy-to-use Data Loader.

This cloud-based Data Loader was developed by Mulesoft, and since then Salesforce has acquired it and has added it to the Salesforce environment.

Since it is a cloud-based data loader, it can be accessed via browser as well.

The features and backend settings are similar to the Salesforce Data Loader.

However, there are some additional functions making it way better than others.

Scheduling tasks and automated processes to look for parent records based on text are two of the most loved features of this data loader.


Unlike others, some people are used to working on Excel and XL-connector is the data loader for such requirements.

It can also be referred to as an additional feature or an add-on Excel to help interact with the Salesforce data directly.

It is a convenient-to-use data loader.

XL-connector Data Loader comes with all the standard features such as insertion, updation, upserting, deleting, exporting, and many more.

The additional features of XL-Connector are converting leads, the mass merging of accounts or contact/ leads, and many more.

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Prodly is a data loader that is a little different from the conventional data loaders and herein you need to move between the apps: Salesforce org and Prodly; while working on it.

The data is deployed between different orgs with reusable data set templates.

Certain features of Prodly include automatic audit trail, advanced automation for reactivating/ deactivating workflow rules, advanced automation, validation rules, process builder, and many more.

How to choose the right data loader?

Well, this could be an important decision for a business and there is always a checklist that could be worked out based on your requirements compared to what is being offered.

Here, in order to help you make an apt choice, we have listed certain pros and cons of all these top 5 Salesforce data loaders.

This will help you understand the shortcomings as well as the offerings of these platforms so that you choose the suitable one for your business.


Making the right choice could have an enduring impact on your business growth.

And CRM should always be a top priority for a business. When we say CRM; data loader and credible information around it become quite important.

It is advisable that you make a choice that is worthwhile and rightly informed.

If required you can even consult experts who understand your requirement and can provide you with a solution that is in sync with the needs of your business.


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