Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Reasons Why Salesforce Commerce Cloud is Used

As we all are aware, Salesforce has its forte in the CRM industry.

The e-commerce industry is said to be one of the industries which can reap maximum benefits of Salesforce CRM

In Salesforce, the organization’s size and sector have nothing related to how easily your CRM activities are managed by structure by Salesforce. 

As e-commerce is one of the booming platforms in recent years, the number of people opting for this type of shopping is increasing exponentially. 

Now let's come to the point as to what are the reasons why the Salesforce Commerce Cloud is used. 

Salesforce Commerce Cloud is a cloud-based technology that offers users a personalized purchase experience.

Salesforce commerce has proved to be a boon for the e-commerce industry. At every step in the shopping experience, more and more people get engaged in interacting with the website. No matter the platform, the shopping experience has proven to be the same on every platform. 

All the business processes are handled in a productive and automated way once the products are added and the portal is built. 

The security of the platform and stability issues are taken care of by the multi-tenant architecture supported by Salesforce commerce cloud. The 3 elements work in harmony to power every stage across different platforms. The decisions of the company and specific insights are done based on the intelligent element of Salesforce commerce cloud. 

The experience element increases customer engagement by giving them the ability to customize their merchandise, pricing, and information.

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Features Offered by Salesforce Commerce Cloud

  • Hasslefree Innovation

One of the major benefits of the Salesforce commerce cloud is that it continuously tries to be in the race of evolving customer needs by eliminating the limitations to innovation so that it can be integrated with most of the legacy systems. New development and features are something that users will always find on the Salesforce commerce cloud as it is updated 8 times a year. It also allows users to create as well as customize their capabilities without ever compromising the road to success. 

  • Business Intelligence

As we know there are hundreds of customers being addressed and even lakhs of transactions being carried out by these customers. In a single day, at least thousands of customers tend to hang out on these e-commerce websites. If a B2B business is being adopted then large amounts of sales are being carried out daily. Analyzing critical information, making reports which help companies make difficult decisions are some of the features provided by the Salesforce commerce cloud in this case. 

  • Global Storefronts

Salesforce commerce content allows users to handle multiple storefronts with the help of a single back-end platform situated worldwide. 

Salesforce is one of the few commercial solutions that support Apple Pay, as well as one-page checkout, which allows users to finish their transaction with a single button click. It also allows us to manage data sets of various products across various e-commerce stores and manage complex work such as availability, product billing, etc. 

  • High Customization

As Salesforce is highly customizable it also passes this feature to its products i.e. Salesforce commerce cloud. It is customizable according to one’s preference and comfort. It is customizable to such an extent that customers can even customize the checkout process or any other step in the purchasing product process. You can also allow customers to make purchases through a single click so that it becomes easy for purchasing. 

  • All in One Functionality

Another of the finest aspects of the Salesforce Commerce Cloud would be that it allows retailers to manage their operations from a single platform. Not only agility is given to customers but also saves a lot of precious time as well as effort

  • Rich Experience for Mobiles

Maximum online stores are surfed using mobile phones due to ease of operation. As a result, it is critical to optimize a specific website for mobile. By seamlessly optimizing your mobile customization using the Salesforce commerce cloud platform users can get their page ranked higher in Google’s search engine.

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  • Best Customer Service

Salesforce commerce cloud provides first-class customer support service that is continuously working 24/7 around the clock to solve their merchant’s queries. It involved complete issues ranging from code fixes and so on.

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