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Salesforce Marketing Cloud Content Builder Can Help You Succeed

Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a robust marketing automation platform that enables firms to drive their marketing activities and convert leads into sales. The Content Builder, a cross-channel content management solution that enables you to combine all of your photos, documents, as well as other content components in a single area for use in your marketing campaigns, is one of the Marketing Cloud's core aspects.

If you've already adopted Marketing Cloud in your company, Content Builder can be a huge benefit. Let's have a look at Content Builder and its main features-

What exactly is the Marketing Cloud Content Builder?

Content Builder is an information management solution that lets you collect all of your content in one location and then utilize it in email campaigns. It comes with a drag-and-drop UI, a content management application, a content repository,  API, and an HTML content editor.

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The new HTML content editor enables you to: 

  • With an always-present preview, you can see edit changes to email content in real-time.
  • Create professional-looking emails without any HTML knowledge.
  • Add links such as Forward to a Friend, Read More, and others using code snippets.

You can use the content repository to:

  • Emails can be searched and filtered.
  • Include tags and campaigns in your content.
  • Inside the app, you can make changes to your material.
  • What is the role of Marketing Cloud Content Builder for marketers?

A content builder is an invaluable tool for marketers trying to conduct effective email campaigns

  1. Create Interesting Emails

Engagement is essential to the success of any email campaign. The content builder includes several capabilities such as responsive layout, dynamic content, and interactive content to assist you in creating appealing email copy, among others. You can quickly add interaction components to your emails using the drag & drop UI functionality.

  1. Personalization On a One-to-one Basis

The content builder provides numerous choices for personalizing your email communications, including dynamic content to adjust to the requirements of your customers, AMPscript to format the copy, and insertion of customer data strings such as name, address, and so on.

  1. Make use of artificial intelligence

Marketers may use the content builder to include AI into their email marketing. You can use artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically select assets, calculate the optimum time to send emails, and design compelling subject lines to drive the efficiency of your email campaigns, all driven by Salesforce's Einstein.

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  1. Approvals

Approvals are a tool in Content Builder that automates the process of content assessment and approval. You can enter an email into a procedure that requires an approver to review it before sending it. This saves a lot of time because the marketer does not have to go back and forth with management to acquire approval.

Using these Content Builder features will boost the engagement and motivation of your email messages. It will also assist you in better organizing your content and reuse it as needed.

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