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Let us just take a quick tour down memory lane of how we have used desktop computers for surfing a website built with Flash and HTML tables earlier in 2007. Though had cell phones beside you, you might have certainly not used them for surfing the content nor for buying anything online. Instead we have used the desktop computers to search any info.

But with the smart phones revolutionized the mobile search, marketers have started shifting from desktop centric thinking to mobile centric innovations to let a user access the content on-the-go in the most seamless way possible. It’s a well-known fact that world has gone mobile and one in three searches of work are being completed by using this handy device itself. So, if you don’t have a mobile-responsive website, probably you are not very serious about your business. But before you set up that mobile site and app, be sure to determine what option is best for you?

Salesforce has all these options of maintaining better content, workflow, improve customer relationship management, showcase your brand as one of the reputed ones in the market and all required technical support to help you top the chart in the market in a short span of time. However, there are some weeds in it that has to be cut and determine the best path that will be help your customers get the information they need without considering the device or screen-size. Below listed are few of the latest Salesforce Solutions with benefits of each:

Lightning Component Framework

Technology Used: JavaScript, Lightning Components

Optimized for: Mobile & Desktop

It is a UI framework for developing dynamic web apps for mobile and desktop devices, discover which components are built for use in stand-alone applications, template-based communities and salesforce1 applications.

Lightning Design System

Technology Used: CSS, HTML

Optimized for: Mobile & Desktop

This style framework is helpful in applying the colors, icons, fonts as well as the structure to your communities or applications.

Salesforce Communities

Technology Used: Lightning Experience, Lightning Design System

Optimized for: Browsers (desktop & mobile)

In the context when you wish to view your communities on mobile device, you can do so by using this solution. By utilizing the Lightning Design System, Salesforce has done a great job of ensuring that all its templates are mobile responsive.

Salesforce1 App

Technology Used: Lightning Component Framework

Optimized for: Mobile devices

This downloadable application allows all the users to access Salesforce org in the device of their choice. It uses Lightning Experience to surff appropriate information, including any Lightning Apps – standard or custom.

Service Cloud Snap-Ins

Technology Used: Mobile SDK (Software Development Kit)

Optimized for: Native Mobile Apps

Snap-ins give you an opportunity to easily integrate Service Cloud functionality in an app or webpage, including Knowledge, case management, Live Agent and SOS in less hours of effort.

Hybrid Apps

Technology Used: HTML, JavaScript, Apache Cordova mobile container

Optimized for: Mobile devices

It’s a web app, primarily built using HTML5 and JavaScript, then wrapped inside a thin native container to provide access to native platform features.

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  1. Salesforce | Louis
    Louis 3 years ago

    Salesforce mobile solution is best for maintaining better content, workflow, improve customer relationship management. You can get best salesforce1 mobile app development here.

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