How to Access Ideas Component in Your Lightning Salesforce Org

The ‘Ideas’ component in Salesforce Community Cloud allows your customers, partners, and employees to directly share and post their ideas on your online community. Enabling the Ideas component allows your end-users to:

  • Post ideas
  • Subscribe to favorite ideas
  • Vote and comment on ideas
  • Filter ideas by category, status, and more

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Where Does the Problem Lie Then?

All this is a cakewalk if you use Ideas in Salesforce Classic. For Lightning Experience (LEX), the Ideas component is, however, still not supported. Thus, many LEX users need to switch to Classic in order to access the ideas posted on their online community. This definitely isn’t convenient for Lightning users.

The Lightning Salesforce users had been asking for Ideas to be made available for LEX for a while but Salesforce made it clear that it is not in their plans in the near future.

What’s the Solution Then?

So if you are using Lightning, switching between Classic and LEX to access Ideas can be cumbersome. There are two ways to access ideas in your Lightning Salesforce Org:

1. Via Customization

One way of making ideas accessible in your Lightning Org is via customization. However, the customization involves heavy coding in your Org thus, increasing the chances of slowing down your system. Also, the whole process of customizing could take from a few weeks to a few months. So, not many users prefer this method.

2. Via an App

Another way is by installing a Salesforce-native application that can enable Ideas without affecting your system’s performance. Additionally, an app is a more secure option and offers longevity and scalability. Also, the apps come packed with numerous out-of-the-box features to make ideas management more effective and streamlined.

Bottom Line

So, now it’s for you to decide which method you would prefer.

If you are more inclined to take the ‘app-route’, Grazitti’s IdeasPro might interest you. This product allows users to access Ideas in Lightning Salesforce Org. Not just that, IdeasPro is an extended version of the standard (Ideas) component.

Following are some of the key facets of IdeasPro:

1. Mapping ideas with accounts
2. Blocking the posting of ideas/comments with profane words
3. Merging duplicate ideas
4. Email-to-Ideas and many more

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Powered with 20+ out-of-the-box functionalities, IdeasPro amplifies the ideation and innovation process in the Lightning experience exponentially.

Avoid switching between Classic and LEX to access Ideas. Get IdeasPro.

If you want to see how IdeasPro works and how it redefines ideas management, schedule a personalized demo with our product experts or just drop us a line at [email protected].


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