5 Appealing Ways Salesforce Can Help NPOs to Achieve Notable Success

Salesforce for NPO! The given phrase is getting momentum in the business world in an overwhelming way. The reason is that Salesforce has become a number one solution for the majority of Non-Profit organizations (NPO).

Already, Salesforce has been a leader in CRM software services and has compelled other options to either leave the market or move towards oblivion. As most of the business organizations are utilizing the services of Salesforce in enhancing their sales and marketing prospects, there is no denying the fact that NPO can also take full benefits of the exclusive features of the given CRM platform.

Typically, NPO operates at a low budget and refrain from spending countless dollars on a system that will yield no result. So, the implementation of Salesforce will produce the best output as it comes with valuable functionalities to cater to their needs efficiently.

Is Salesforce Really Good for NPO?

Yes, because it compromises various powerful apps that integrate well with any system and bring innovative ideas to improve the functioning of any organization tremendously. With such a great success, NPOs have been able to improve the donor retention rate and also to elevate fundraising options to create a long-lasting impression on their business.

What's more, recent research has shown that those nonprofits utilizing the services of the Salesforce platform have seen more than 20% return on investment rate in the market. Moreover, with the Salesforce CRM platform at the helm, it has been relatively easy for NPOs to cut costs per dollar by 20%. So, Salesforce has proved to be a valuable asset to enhance the productivity and output of the NPOs manifold.

So, are you ready to get to know how Salesforce is becoming a binding force to offer enormous benefits to NPO and move your organization forward? Let's peek more into it:

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I.  Salesforce for Successful Event Management

The lifeline of every NPO depends on how it is capable of raising its fundraising efforts for successful event management. Either planning a small event or an extravaganza fundraiser annually, there is a requirement for perfect management of guests, logistics, and so on.

Now, the integration of the event management with the Salesforce system will offer a holistic interpretation of all the efforts taken to make all the events in more streamlined procedures. Also, one can enhance their event management by using the Salesforce app to use its tools to improve their working efficiency. It includes:

  • Setting up a successful event registration can be done through Salesforce via building tracks with unique conferences and also adding the add-on to register for collaborating e-interface.
  • Salesforce CRM helps in total logistic management that will necessities planning of having a discussion with sponsors, arranging venues and even holding mega-conference successfully

So, with the power of Salesforce for NPO, there will be proper management of the event in a centralized manner to offer more productivity events for their customers in a profitable way.

II.  Salesforce for keeping NPO Business in the most Organized Way

Salesforce NPO comes with built-in functionality to keeps everyone in an organization involved in the designated workplace. One notable example is that if one wants to view a certain aspect of a team, then the Salesforce allows in creating team-based personalized views on their system efficiently.

Even the management of the organization can use Salesforce to keep up the capacity to meet the business requirements and organize their staffs to work in tandem perfectly. Moreover, if there is no such functionality in their basic software, they can request Salesforce developers to arrange for necessary coding changes.

Was it successful? Yes, as per the recent articles published about nonprofits, it was found that with Salesforce at their helm, they were able to accomplish their job easier. Besides, they were also able to communicate their strategies more effectively and efficiently.

III.  Salesforce Efficiently Give Back 'Power of Us'

It is an exclusive Salesforce design that is developed especially to remove all the tensions for non-profits organizations and is known by the name-Power of Us Program. What does it do? It offers 10 Salesforce subscriptions that also come with various discounts and other services.

It, in turn, act as a super beneficial for the cash-ridden NPOs, and thus, they will substantial sum for their utilization. So, companies can save a large amount of money that they can now use in their other business operations.

What's more, it permits non-profit enterprises to avail the given solution for 30 days free before making an actual contract. And it is made possible through the Nonprofit Success Pack (or NPSP) is manages packages developed solely for them by the Salesforce organizations to make their business procedures easy and better for functioning.

So, for companies with limited budgets and employees, the given solution will surely come as a win-win answer.

 IV.  Salesforce makes NPOs Compatible for Integration with Cloud Platform

It is not unusual for most of the NPOs to use wealth-screening applications to detect those donors that will surely help them to raise their funds. What is the reason behind it? The answer lies in the fact that Salesforce has a huge app exchange that assists NPO in exploiting donor management tools to their benefit.

Besides, the Salesforce integration approach can be an advantage to the NPOs as they help in the effective sharing of data between different applications. Moreover, it is also emerging as a leading cloud platform for NPOs to manage their organizations and funds simultaneously.

Experts have observed that with Salesforce integration, the business of NPO grows over time from simple management to an inclusive ecosystem that consists of connected applications. Thus, from one app per integration, NPO using Salesforce has grown over 150 apps per integration that too within a given span.

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V.  Salesforce Offers Extensive Support for Nonprofit

Salesforce comes with a robust built-up mechanism that is designed, especially to help customers to come out from their difficulties in their respective business. Moreover, it is also ready to offer assistance all time to ask any doubt regarding the Salesforce product without any issue.

In addition, Salesforce also offers support in the form of a partner program to the clients so that they always remain connected to the supporting staff of the NPO. So, any problems related to the layouts, functionality, and dashboards, the presence of assistance within the reach of the clients is always available here.

Also, one could get the services of an open and flexible Salesforce cloud system that perfectly blends data and community to offer a holistic view of donors and other factors effectively. Also, it is easy to connect it with 3rd party tools and applications for effecting optimization and smooth running of nonprofit enterprises.

The Bottom Line

There is a constant demand for NPOs across the world, and to make it more profitable, they have started using the latest technologies such as Salesforce to expand their global presence and enhance operation manifold.

As Salesforce comes with innovative contributions, it has become an after-sought alternative for NPOs. With the availability of NPSP, an NPO can get essential and tailor-made services to meet the requirements of the customer successfully.


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