How Salesforce CDP Can Improve Marketing Engagements?

Consumers have transitioned to a digital-first mindset. In order to participate with authenticity, customize every moment, and develop trusted customer relationships, marketers must put data first. And they have to do it all while generating revenue and working remotely. For any marketer, that's a hefty order.

Salesforce CDP can relieve the stress by delivering a single source of truth, allowing you to access more insightful, responsive, and trustworthy data.

Consolidate all of your data – from any location — to get a full picture of your users

  • Create a sole source of truth - Connect identities, engagement data, customer orders, loyalty, marketing journeys, and privacy control to create a unified customer profile across all interactions.

  • Understand your audience at all levels of your company - Know who your customer is at all times. Connect your marketing to sales, service, commerce, and more to give every interaction context and meaning.

  • Put all of your information together in one place - There will be no data left behind. With a high-scale data ingestion service and the power of Mulesoft's industry-leading APIs, you can capture and unify data from everywhere.

  • Assign data to a certain individual - Using advanced resolution capabilities that link data, such as fuzzy matching, to generate unified profiles, reconcile identities through a shared ID.

marketing journeys

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With a user-friendly, drag-and-drop platform, create better audience groups with data from just about anywhere

  • On-the-fly testing and optimization - Quickly collect precise population counts of your target groups and develop client segments on the fly with unified customer data.

  • You can construct in whatever way you wish - Custom strings of contact- or event-level data from marketing, commerce, sales, or service can be used to create highly targeted client audience segments.

  • Smarter segmentation - With type-ahead functionality and AI, segments have become smarter, democratizing the potential of big data analytics for marketers.

  • With simplicity, monitor your customers - All of your segmentation and targeting activities may be managed from a single, user-friendly location.

Salesforce CDP

For more connected, tailored experiences, activate data from wherever in your organization

  • Make each experience as pleasant as possible - With secure provisioning procedures and dashboards for opt-outs and consent flags, you can simply comply with the GDPR and CCPA.

  • Engage clients on a one-on-one basis - You can send the correct content to the right customer on the right channel with unified customer profiles. You can also predict and identify their next appropriate actions.

  • Customers should be contacted at every stage of their journey - Activate your customer data on any advertising, messaging, or engagement channel, from Marketing Cloud to Commerce Cloud, or any other external platform.

  • There is no restriction on access - Put your consumer information to good use. Through AppExchange, marketers can harness the potential of 7,000 connected apps with accessibility.

consumer information

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With AI-driven, cross-channel information, you can connect every customer to their interaction behaviour and change your marketing efforts – and audience segments — correspondingly

  • Integrate solutions for data analytics - Using our native CDP connectors, you can see and study audience data in Tableau, the world's premier business intelligence tool, and improve your marketing optimizations with audience insights in Datorama.

  • Activate more intelligently - Use Einstein's intelligence to develop intelligent segments and optimize activation efforts with greater control and precision, resulting in higher touchpoints.

  • Compile and analyze a set of consistent features - Calculate a customer's lifetime value or engagement score to further evaluate and enrich unified profiles using Calculated Insights.

marketing optimizations
Hence, in a nutshell, Salesforce CDP comes to your rescue and assists you in making every customer engagement worthwhile while building a strong foundation and connection with your users. If you are looking to build lifelong, loyal customer relations and marketing engagements, get in touch with our experts. Make your daily tasks more easy and efficient with us while channelling all your creativity into strategizing and ideating new concepts!


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