Custom Notification

Custom Notification With Process Builder in Salesforce

Custom Notification is a modified notification where the administrator can add beneficiaries, subjects, and substances

Administrators can be sent a custom notification when any significant occasion happens. Custom warnings can be sent through a cycle in Interaction Manufacturer, a Stream in Stream Developer, or an invocable activity Programming interface. 


Accessible in: both Salesforce Exemplary and Lightning Experience 

Accessible in: Fundamentals, Proficient, Endeavor, Execution, Limitless, and Designer Releases

Custom notifications can be sent by means of a prepare in Prepare Builder, a Stream in Stream Builder, or an invocable activity API.

Custom notifications permit you to send significant data to your clients by means of thrust to mobile or desktop alerts. You can completely customize the notices to illuminate clients of record data, changes, and overhauls. Custom notifications will bring significant data to your clients in real-time.

A few Salesforce administrations are beginning to fire stage occasions when blunders happen, expecting to be caught by Process Builder and given off to Lightning Flow for emailing, SMS, Chatter posting, and more.

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How to Create a Custom Notification:

Go to  Setup > Quick find Box >  Enter Custom notification  >

Click  New > For Label Enter  “your Choice ”

The following screenshot may help you:-

notificationcustom notification

Now set Process Builder:

Go to  Setup > Quick find Box >  Enter process Builder  >

Click  New > For Label Enter  “your Choice ” And Select Object

process builder
set process builder

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You'll make up to 500 custom notification types. Each notification can have up to 10,000 clients as beneficiaries. In any case, you'll include an activity to the same handle inside Process Builder or to the same stream in Stream Builder to have more recipients. Your org spares your most later 1 million custom notices for you to see in the notice plate. Your org can spare up to 1.2 million custom notices, but it trims the sum to the foremost later 1 million notices after you reach the 1.2 million limit.  


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