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How I Landed Into My First Job In The Salesforce Technology

In this blog, I am going to share about my journey, how I landed my first job in Salesforce technology

To give an overview of my academic background, I am Udit Chawla and have completed MCA(Master of Computer Applications) in 2017 and BCA(Bachelor of Computer Applications) in 2014.

After completing my studies, it was now time to get myself a job for learning and earning both. I looked out for many technologies as I don’t have much hold in the programming part and then I came to know about Salesforce technology and I started exploring it and got to know about the Admin and Developer part of it.

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Then I decided to get myself enrolled for the Salesforce training from a Private Institute in Gurugram which was not much fruitful for me as there were only two hours of training sessions a day and also they were focussed more on the basic admin part and also back then in 2017 my MCA results were pending so in order to avoid any gap in my career I tried looking for other jobs so that I would give more time to explore about Salesforce alongside earnings for my expenses.

Luckily I got a job in an IT company as Business Development Executive (BDE) where my responsibilities were to generate leads via freelancing platforms like Upwork, Guru, Angellist, etc. I was also generating leads from Linkedin and Social media platforms and at the same time interacting with the clients as well.

I got so much involved in this profile and somehow got distracted from the Salesforce path and also got one backlog in my final semester of MCA due to which my results got delayed and had to sit again for an exam.

So I decided that I would continue my job as BDE and when the pending exam result would be cleared then I will switch my career into Salesforce. I worked for around 14 months as BDE and as soon my all results got cleared I resigned from the BDE profile just to start learning Salesforce from the very initial level and looking for the job in the same.

After resigning, I started investing my time into Salesforce and learning about it and was applying for the entry-level jobs in Salesforce as well. In simple terms I was switching my career from IT marketing to core IT profile and this was the main question which had been asked in every interview which I gave for Salesforce.

After giving 25-30 interviews and getting no success at all I started looking for guidance and came in contact with a few people and then I decided to get myself certified first. 

Getting certified is not mandatory for entry-level but it would surely help you to get some recognition. 

Below are the steps which I followed for the preparation for Salesforce Administrator Certification:

  1. I started completing trails related to Salesforce Admin like Admin beginner, Admin Intermediate, Prepare for Admin Trailmix, etc.
  2. Enrolled me over Udemy in Salesforce Classic and Salesforce Lightning (All 4 parts) by Mike Wheeler and studied them in-depth. I would prefer to go for the lightning one because Salesforce now mostly is all about Lightning UI and functionalities. There is no such difference in Lightning and classic but UI and several functionalities are there in Lightning.
  3. Enrolled me over FocusonForce for Admin practice tests.

After clearing all the admin related modules and getting through the courses for 2-3 times, I moved on to practice tests where I really got the examples that were based on real-life scenarios and helped me to get a better understanding of how things are getting processed in Salesforce.

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I also followed a few of the blogs, documentation related to Salesforce which I found over Google and watched videos on YouTube as well.

I went through all the study stuff one more time which I had with me before my scheduled exam date and luckily I cleared my Salesforce Administrator Certification in the very first attempt. 

It took me around 3 months to prepare, get Salesforce certified, and land my first job in the Salesforce ecosystem.

P.S: I am happy with my decision which I took to switch my career from a non-IT profile to an IT (Salesforce) profile and I wish all luck to the ones who are new to Salesforce and looking forward to working in this technology. 

Always remember slow progress is still progress. You have it within you and you are surely gonna achieve it.

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