Maximize Your Sales Outcomes With Salesforce High-Velocity Sales

Selling products and services encapsulates what your business is. The effort your Sales reps put into each call defines your firm’s growth and provides you with business opportunities. A quick and straightforward way to gain rapid growth is empowering your inside sales team with the best available tools and resources for uber efficiency. What they need is a solution that provides them instant, all-inclusive data points, and information needed to confidently close a deal. A tool that elevates your sales reps to deliver such a level of productivity is Salesforce High-Velocity Sales. It’s a revolutionary tool that makes the job of your Sales team so much simpler, easier, and most importantly – effective!

Salesforce High-Velocity Sales is the perfect Sales platform that assists your inside sales reps at every turn of their daily activities. It equips your Sales team with insights on customer activities, integrated 3rd party tools that eliminate redundant work processes and allows them to embark on innovative Sales journeys. Together with Salesforce High-Velocity Sales and a team of well-groomed Sales reps, the sky is the limit!

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How do Salesforce High-Velocity Sales work?

It is packed with a suite of powerful features that enable your inside sales team to power your Sales campaign to new orbits. On average, only 35% of your sales rep’s work hours are spent on selling. Repetitive and redundant tasks like logging, dialing, researching, etc. consume the rest of it and leaves them so tired and frustrated that they may not be sharp enough to identify a fleeting opportunity. But, with Salesforce High-Velocity Sales, your reps can now invest their time on what they intend to do, and they will always remain sharp and alert. So, let’s dig in deep and see what Salesforce High-Velocity Sales have on offer.

5 amazing Salesforce High-Velocity Sales feature that bring the best out of your team

Automated sequencing

It let your reps automate activity logging in sequential order and displays the dialing and emailer history, whenever the client is dialed again.

Lightning Dialer

It comes along with Lightning Dialer. It eliminates the need to punch numbers in the keypad and lets the user dial by simply right-clicking on the number.

Einstein Lead Scoring

One of the best features of Salesforce High-Velocity Sales is what the power of Artificial Intelligence brings in. Einstein lead scoring grades to your customers and leads on the basis of their response to your mails, calls, and other sales activities. This helps to understand the relevancy of your customers and filter out the best ones to maximize the deal winning possibilities.

Lightning Sales Console

The Lightning Sales Console gives your reps a unified view of your customer and their activities on a single display screen to stay informed while facing potential customers.

 Work Queue

Salesforce High-Velocity Sales also includes the support of the work queue. This helps your team prioritize calls, email, and clients based on relevancy and deal winning probability.

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Adopt Salesforce High-Velocity Sales to accelerate your Sales at an exceptional rate

Salesforce High-Velocity Sales is an all-in-one selling platform that makes your inside sales reps work smarter instead of harder. With accurate insights and workflow automations, your reps will never miss another chance to close any deal in the future, thanks to Salesforce High-Velocity Sales.

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