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Drive Higher Channel Sales and Manage Partner Relationships with DemandBlue's Salesforce Experience Cloud Implementation

Regardless of your industry, it is apparent that today’s customers expect “as given” a digital self-service capability for their B2B buying process. Your channel partners also expect a digital process experience when they interact with you. A community portal fills this need. It must possess the essential features and functionalities to connect customers, partners, and employees under one branded experience. The Salesforce PRM (Partners Relationship Management) system built on Experience Cloud offers the capability to meet your partners’ digital expectations and self-service opportunities; it is a comprehensive way to manage your overall B2B ecosystem. DemandBlue’s Salesforce Experience Cloud implementation service is a great way to address your partner relationship management, content management, customer service, and self-service and empowers your B2B Commerce ecosystem.

Why DemandBlue’s Experience Cloud service is crucial for your business to streamline partner relationship management, empower channel sales, and enhance community interactions

Quickly develop new partner relationships

The tools in Salesforce Experience Cloud help to simplify the process such as onboarding, training and recruiting partners. It also helps channel managers to configure marketing development funds and lead distribution in support of their partners.

Deliver end-to-end insights for partners to close deals

The intuitive portal translates into greater productivity. It means that partners can spend less time uncovering lead information and more time on selling products—with the use of machine learning and AI—tied together.

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Automate the channel sales process

Automation drives faster selling and reduces complexity. The prebuilt PRM tools help avoid lead conflicts and improve distribution and early registration.

Maximize partner performance and ROI with quick-start tools

Enable your partners to access your campaigns and co-branded content to create a marketing strategy that aligns with your preferences. The quick-start tool also helps to track and analyze marketing and sales.

Channel access support from anywhere, anytime

Enable your partners to connect from any device to any source through a centralized dashboard. The dashboard helps your partners to track cross-sell opportunities and explore KPIs, reports, records, etc.

Endless opportunity to grow your community and manage a partner’s lifecycle in one centralized platform

The success of your partner ecosystem depends on how effective your business collaboration is with dealers, distributors, and other partners. DemandBlue offers a digital ecosystem that integrates the Salesforce Experience Cloud and Partner Relationship management platform with your Salesforce CRMOur On-Demand Service for Experience Cloud implementation helps to manage relationships across entire partner lifecycle stages, which improves selling capability and ROI.

With DemandBlue’s Experience Cloud offering, you will be able to:

  • Create a personalized partner portal and apps to grow your channel and empower partners’ experiences.
  • Eliminate complexities in channel processes and revamp productivity through self-service and automation.
  • Make data-driven decisions through a 360-degree view of the channel.

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Optimize channel sales, personalize partners’ experiences and achieve the full benefits of Experience Cloud with DemandBlue

With Salesforce Experience Cloud, organizations deploy out-of-the-box templates to tailor the platform to your partners’ demands. DemandBlue’s Revenue Cloud can customize a partner portal rapidly to establish personalized content and audience targeting. Our expert guidance empowers partner self-service, improves campaigns, and grows your partners’ sales pipeline.

DemandBlue helps to build custom portals and templates and can run multiple customization options to provide the ultimate support experience to your customers and partners. With On-Demand Services for Experience Cloud implementation, you can experience the business value in days, not months.


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