Dreamforce 2021

Dreamforce 2021 - Dates, Locations & All you Need to Know

The annual Dreamforce Conference of Salesforce is hosted in San Francisco. With approximately 170,000 participants (during non-COVID times) and several days of programming, it qualifies as one of the world’s biggest technology conferences.


Dreamforce has developed a reputation for being an outlier among corporate I.T. conferences. The ‘Trailblazers’ (Salesforce professionals) who attend benefit from the 3000 educational sessions, networking opportunities.

It also includes world-class entertainment such as a concert featuring a famous headliner, plus many parties to hop in and out of across the city. Dreamforce is a never-ending display of the newest Salesforce technologies.

Twenty-first Century Dreamforce

This year, Salesforce will use a hybrid strategy. Dreamforce 2021, which will take place September 21-23, 2021, is expected to attract 6,000 participants in four global locations — San Francisco, New York, London, and Paris. Online attendance is anticipated to reach 60,000 people, bringing the total viewership to about 65,000.

This guide includes the planned festival schedule for the whole duration of the event, as well as the following facts regarding Dreamforce ’21:

  • Dates of the next Dreamforce in 2021
  • Location of the Dreamforce 2021
  • Attend Dreamforce 2021 in the Most Efficient Manner Possible
  • Are you able to participate virtually at Dreamforce 2021?
  • Register for Dreamforce 2021.
  • Agenda 2021 of Dreamforce
  • Packing lists for Dreamforce

For the first time in the event’s 17-year existence, Dreamforce ’20 was held virtually owing to COVID-19 requirements. While some enthusiastic community members were disappointed, a virtual event provided a chance for the millions who find it challenging to participate in person. We can only hope that the new global strategy maintains this event’s inclusive nature.

Dates of the Next Dreamforce in 2021

Dreamforce 2021 will take place on and online, from 21 to 23 September in San Francisco, New York, London, and Paris. Dreamforce is primarily taking place in San Francisco.

Dreamforce in 2021

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The following are some of the essential facts about Dreamforce San Francisco:

  • Location: “a pioneering, outdoor campus” in downtown San Francisco, including some of the Dreamforce Campus’s most special places (e.g., the Moscone Center, Yerba Buena Terrace, Howard Str., and the St. Regis hotel).
  • Sponsors may choose from various sponsorship packages that include a physical booth in a ‘high traffic area’ (i.e., partner expo).

The following are some of the most significant facts of Dreamforce New York:

  • The capacity of over 500
  • Bryant Park is located (outdoor only)

The essential information about Dreamforce London

  • The Tobacco Dock is in this neighborhood (outdoor only)
  • 50-100 capacity
  • SalesforceBen, a London-based business, flies the Union Jack to celebrate the coming of Dreamforce in the U.K. (we give a big thumbs up to the choice of venue, Tobacco Dock, which hosted the fantastic Salesforce Live event in July 2021).

The essentials of Dreamforce Paris

  • The pan-European event serves the whole continent.
  • The Porte de Versailles’s Hall 4 is the location (outdoor only)
  • capacity around 200.

Attend Dreamforce 2021 in the Most Efficient Manner Possible

Obtaining a conference ticket will be different this year since Dreamforce in person is reportedly an invitation-only affair.

  • 6,000 people on-site at “Dreamforce Global Hubs.”  
  • Online attendance of 60,000 viewers is anticipated.

Salesforce will send exclusive invitations to select individuals to maintain the desired composition of attendees – 50% key customers/target prospects, 20% Salesforce employees, 15% from the Salesforce community, 8% partner sponsors and the remainder being speakers/special guests. You can sign up by clicking on this link.

Are You a Virtual Attendee at Dreamforce 2021?

On August 10th, Salesforce formally launched Salesforce+, a new streaming service that would consolidate Salesforce’s life experiences, as well as original series, podcasts, and other content. Consider Netflix mingling with Trailblazers.

Salesforce+ will be the platform utilized to host all virtual guests for the first time.

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Agenda 2021 of Dreamforce

Session topics will be classified into two broad categories: “Roles” and “Industries”:

Roles include sales, administration, architecture, marketing, and commerce.

Due to Salesforce’s focus on Industry Cloud (formerly Vlocity) and consequent expert acquisition frenzy, C360 and Industries will have their channel.

Live, pre-recorded/scheduled, and on-demand sessions will be broadcast across three Salesforce+ platforms.

Networking through Dreamforce

Is Dreamforce networking worth the time and expense? Without a doubt. One of the primary reasons people visit Dreamforce is for networking opportunities.  

What Will Come After That?

Dreamforce ’21 will be an exciting event. With lockdowns that drive many of us to a state of eager social contact, a personal event is a new feature.

Unlike conventional corporate I.T. gatherings, Dreamforce has gained a reputation as an unusual meeting. The ‘trailblazers’ who participate will enjoy learning at over 3000 seminars, networking, and renowned entertainment. Dreamforce is a show that never fails to deceive the newest Salesforce advancements.

Resource: SP Tech


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