Salesforce DocuSign Integration

A Complete Guide on Salesforce DocuSign Integration

In order to upgrade your Salesforce Experience, what could be one of the best options? Well, to be specific with the process, when you create a contract in Salesforce you need to get a signature from your customers.

And in order to do so, you have two choices: First one could be the traditional way of sending the document to the customer on email and after that they sign it to send you back on email.

The second one, is one step ahead and an upgrade to Salesforce in this era which we mentioned on the top, here you need to go to the Salesforce AppExchange Marketplace for the process of implementing DocuSign.

This accelerates the whole process of getting the signatures on the document.  

What is The Major difference in These Two Methods?

The first process or the traditional one is time-consuming; it might take as long as a week.

Also, one needs to print out the document and then again scan the same to send it back making it possible that you store a digital copy in your system. 

online signatures

Nonetheless, the second process is way more efficient and quicker. It is almost on-the-go! 

Are you interested to know more about this modern process and integration of the same? Then let us dive deep into Salesforce DocuSign Integration

About Key Advantages Offered by DocuSign eSignature for Salesforce

DocuSign eSignature offers multiple benefits for Salesforce, and we have listed some of such key advantages. Let us have a quick look at the key advantages offered by DocuSign eSignature for Salesforce 

DocuSign eSignature

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Here are a few benefits that can be experienced right away: 

Go Accurate, Efficient and Effective Adding signature becomes errorless, quicker and just a matter of minutes. Complete process of documentation becomes accurate. Merging the data from any of the Salesforce objects into the agreement becomes effortless.  

Operation Costs are decreasedThe cost which otherwise might be spent on employees handling & tracking the documents is saved. Along with that, marginal costs for ink, paper, faxing, posting as well as printing are saved.  

More Secure option: The overall system and workflow is automated making the whole process secure and legally bound. It also aids in offering a complete trail for audits.  

Leaves an enduring impressionYour customers would be glad to be working with smarter solution providers. They could sign the documents anywhere, anything and on any device owing to Salesforce DocuSign Integration 

Why Use DocuSign?

With DocuSign integration you have a lot of benefits. Here are some of them, you should be aware of while you use DocuSign: 

  • DocuSign helps in reduced paperwork, and everything is moved online in an effortless as well as effective manner.  
  • It significantly impacts the transaction time and after your business has integrated it, you no longer need to wait for days to get the signature done. The entire process which used to take days can now be done within a few minutes only.   
  • DocuSign makes the entire process secure and safe with the help of digital signature 
  • The documents which you send across are stored in the cloud and hence there is no risk of them getting lost. You can always find them safe and at the right location in the cloud.  
  • You can send and receive the documents in an effective and secure manner, irrespective of time, place, distance or even device.  

How Does DocuSign Work with Salesforce?

Well, after knowing the key advantages and benefits of having Salesforce DocuSign Integration, you might be more curious to know how it works with Salesforce. 

So let us know about it. The best part about Salesforce DocuSign Integration is that you do not require any coding.

And it can simply be done when you follow the comprehensive step-by-step process which is clearly mentioned in the guide to install and integrate DocuSign with Salesforce 

Out of all the amazing options available for the Salesforce Administrators for integration of DocuSign with Salesforce, the best one is to employ professionals or consultants to help you with the integration process while you focus on your core business.  

This is just a suggestion to make the entire process quicker, smoother & accurate for you.

Along with that, these professionals can help you discover the hidden useful features which you might have missed.

You can then work on managing your administrative process effectively to help your business profitability. After the integration process, you can proceed with configuring the same.   

Understanding of the process: Salesforce DocuSign Integration

Let us now go deeper into the automation of the process from quoting to cashing.

Here is an overview of how the process of integration works. This can even automate the overall sales process. You might configure the price quote of the software.

And a sales tool can help you generate accurate and quick quotes for the orders. 

Also known as Quote-to-Cash process wherein the end-to-end business transactions are automated.

This includes everything right from identifying the customers’ intent, using CRM, sending a quote, signing the contracts to receiving the funds or the cash.  

Let us look at the process overview now: 

  • The Salesforce CPQ software can be embedded within Salesforce, to configure the offers. 
  • Then the quotes are generated which are safe as well as secure.  
  • These quotes can be sent to a prospect. 
  • The quotes can be sent to the customers for eSignature with the DocuSign without leaving the Salesforce Platform. 
  • After the approval as well as signature on the quotes, the rep can send another document which is a Sales Contract 
  • After that with just one click, data from the opportunity is automatically populated in the sales contract and need no rekeying.  
  • While signing the agreements, the customers can even provide additional information such as shipping address or PO number 
  • At this step, the order is processed. And an invoice is generated which can again be settled by the customer using CPQ software 
  • Cash is collected, reallocated and everything becomes secure, quick and automated. 

Note: The data (along with signed agreement) from the process is stored in the backup for Salesforce automatically, which can later be used as per the business requirements such as reports creation for analysis etc.  

Some Tips for Better Integration Which Need Your Consideration

Integration process might not be very tricky for you and in case you take help of a consultant it becomes even more convenient for you. However, it is important to understand the integration planning tips to get the best results.  

Salesforce DocuSign Integration

Let us read more about these tips: 

Identification of key documents

Based on the business size, you might be dealing with varying sizes of documents, nonetheless it is important to select the key documents for the beginning of implementation.

By doing so, you give time to employees to build expertise on those initial documents around DocuSign integration. After a while, you can ask the team to widen the area of expertise by picking up the next set of documents and it will also help in bringing the workflow on track.    

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Determine degree of integration

You need to find out the degree of integration for each of the documents. You need ask these questions: 

  • How many signatures do I need? 
  • Do I need to pre-populate the document with data? 
  • Do I need more information on the document?  
  • Do I need to use the additional information provided by the customer during signing the document? 

Knowing the answers to these questions can help you in deciding what to integrate and what not to integrate.  

Reviewing the documents

You need to review the documents when you have understood the degree of integration required for these documents after answering the above questions.  

Now make sure: 

  • Items on the document that require signatures or initials, as well as whether or not the signature or initial is necessary.   
  • Items that must be pre-populated with information from a Salesforce record   
  • Items that the signer can amend, correct, or add to the Salesforce record that should be updated  
  • Items that the signer can amend, correct, or add to the Salesforce record that do not need to be updated 

Make change to the document design

Make necessary changes to the documents which were designed for hardcopy completion and signature with a pen.   


The advantage of the Salesforce DocuSign Integration is obvious to most of the businesses. However, some of them find the integration time-consuming, technical or might not have a team to help them with the same. It is advisable to connect with the experts who can help you with the same. 

Feel free to connect with our team. You can send in emails, messages or comment below. You can even choose to call us and our professional will surely provide the desired and suitable solution to help your business grow profitably.  


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