Top 8 Things to Consider While Selecting Salesforce CPQ Consulting Partner

Salesforce CRM has been a revelation when it comes to elevating the productivity of the company. Starting from managing the Sales Funnel to getting the best out of Sales Reps, Salesforce has automated various processes along the way. Another great quality where the CRM has kept the faith intact of its users is constant updates and new features. This is where Salesforce CPQ Consulting stands tall as the extension of CRM. 

CPQ is an abbreviation for configuration, pricing, and quotations. Hence with Salesforce CPQ, the CRM aspires to consolidate the three important factors of the Sales Funnel. In order to extract the maximum benefit out of the extension, a Salesforce CPQ Partner by your side has become a necessity. However, selecting the right partner for your business is not an easy task. It requires you to follow certain steps and filter the options well-suited for your company. 

So, here we are presenting the necessary steps for you to select the best Salesforce CPQ Consulting Partner for your company. 

Top 8 Things To Consider While Selecting Salesforce CPQ Consulting Partner

  • List Down Salesforce CPQ Specialists

There might be many companies claiming to provide Salesforce CPQ solutions. But, will they successfully integrate your customization into the CRM? It comes down to their specialization in the field and the backing of their experts to design customized solutions. Salesforce CPQ is a minor extension but adds great value to your business. Therefore, a single hurdle can desist you from extracting the benefits of CPQ.

What you need to do is list down the Salesforce CPQ Consultants with Salesforce as their major expertise. Additionally, look out for the strength of developers the company is backed by. This will enumerate the proficiency of the company.

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  • Match With Your Project Requirements

Every business has its own set of requirements depending on the scale and aspiration. Similarly, you will have certain requirements based on the designated project. Out of all the shortlisted Salesforce CPQ Partners, match the capability to fulfill your requirements. Case Studies of the shortlisted companies can be a great help to carry forward with this step. 

Hover around the case studies and find similar requirements for your business. You might find something to consolidate your trust in the company and move forward. Apart from that, you can also consider the customer reviews as the cherry on the cake for this step.  

  • Consider The Accolades Of The Salesforce CPQ Consultant

The achievements of the company are undeniably a great help to conclude a decision. Selecting a Salesforce CPQ Consulting Partner is no different. If a company is delivering successful projects on a regular basis, it will reflect in their accolades. Since Salesforce is a company in itself, it provides certain certificates to Salesforce CPQ Partners acknowledging the quality of their service. 

You need to look out for the certifications and other related acknowledgments of the company to substantiate the quality of their work. Sometimes, a small citation from notable organizations can turn out to be handy. So, consider those indications, as well.   

  • Analyze The Knowledge And Expertise During The Interaction

After considering all the points aforementioned, it's finally time for one-to-one interactions. Now, interactions could be tricky and brainstorming for you. So, you need to focus on the checklist while entering the interaction phase. The best part of the one-to-one conversation is the transparency of ideas. Reading about the knowledge and expertise of certain service providers and listening to them is fairly different. 

All you need to do is discuss their past experience and the challenges they’ve faced in the journey. This will provide you an idea of the sheer range of capabilities they bring to the table. 

  • Prepare A Possible Layout

After interacting with the companies for a while, you will surely get to understand their potential in the field. Now, it's time to enlist your requirements and ask for a possible layout moving forward. Though the functions of Salesforce CPQ revolve around configuration, pricing, and quotations, it has a wide array of use cases intact with it.  

Let the Salesforce CPQ Consultant spill out the best possible use case to fulfill your company’s requirements. This will provide you an idea of the extent of their thought process and their command over the field. On a similar note, you will also get to know the best-suited option to move ahead.  

  • Check The Scalability

An important step while interacting or enlisting the companies is to check the ability to scale as per the requirements. With time, the scale of your company will surely rise as you expand your wings and enter different domains. Therefore, the customized CPQ solution should accommodate the configurations keeping scalability in mind. 

The right partner will understand the value of scalability without even mentioning it, as they will target a long-term solution. Now, you can easily get the idea from the layout you’ve prepared in the previous step. Simply, analyze the room for expansions and innovations for the long-term. 

  • Discuss The Budget And Pricing

Probably, the most crucial step in narrowing down the Salesforce CPQ Partner for your business is the budget analysis. You might find Salesforce Integrations on the higher side of the investment, pertaining to the number of customizations. Therefore, you need to allot a budget you are ready to invest in for your customized CPQ solution

Keeping the budget in mind, ask for the quotation from the CPQ consultants. Analyze all the factors discussed above with the allotted budget. If you feel in any instance that a notch higher investment can get you exactly what you need, don’t hesitate! 

  • Narrow Down The Best Possible Option

After narrowing down the option through the aforementioned parameters, you will surely be left with minimum options. If you are left with one option, here you go! There can be certain cases where you are not left with any option, go for the closest match as per your requirements. Now, coming to decide amongst many options, enlist what they bring to the table. 

There will surely be a factor that will test your unbiased selection strategy. So, it’s time to go with your instincts and choose the best possible option. The important thing is the trust factor. After you select the Salesforce CPQ Consultant for your company, redirect your trust into them.   

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Find A Salesforce CPQ Consulting Partner Now!

The necessary steps mentioned above should be the parameters while selecting the Salesforce CPQ Consulting Partner. Each step will boost your confidence and trust in the company, which is most essential. Now that, we’ve listed all the things to consider, here is our option for you in Ksolves India Limited. Being an ISV Salesforce Partner, they understand the in and out of integrating Salesforce CPQ in your CRM. Additionally, their legion of 350+ developers and architects adds to the quality of their solution. Contact Ksolves and witness them cakewalk all the aforementioned steps! 


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