CTI Integration with Salesforce and Its Benefits

Now, when we are aware of the system of CRM, i.e. Customer Relationship Management, there is one other system as well, known as CTI. The term CTI is referred to as Computer Telephony Integration which means that now the system allows you even for calling your prospects directly and hence, closing more deals in a faster manner. Salesforce had come up with this technology around two to three years back and since then, there is no stopping. This unique feature comes up with a dialer and allows you to connect with your customers so that you can follow-up with them instead of using emails or other methods.

With the advancement of internet and other communication channels in this fast-paced world, it is always necessary to stay in touch with your customers, prospects and even business partners. The overall process of sales and marketing usually revolves around telephonic conversations. Before the invention of CTI, these calls were made by landline telephones, Skype, etc. But now it has been made a lot easier by Salesforce. CTI can also be used as a lead-tracking and an efficient analytic system for your business. It is a win-win situation for an enterprise using CTI as a separate system apart from using a CRM.

360 SMS App provides you with the world-class CTI integration that goes as smooth along with your Salesforce.


Transfer Calls- You can transfer the call to the right person or department anytime.

Bulk Dialing- You can dial numbers in bulk in a given time.

Take a Break- If you wish to take a break in between, you can always opt for it as everyone needs to freshen up themselves.

Skip Calling- You can also skip calling a particular number if you want.

Recording- You can record your each and every call for future use as well.

Calling List- You can have a list of number prepared with you that you have to call for the day.

Conference- You can always add on more people to a single call via Conferencing that we usually do on our smartphones.

Incoming pop-up- Any incoming call will come as a pop-up in the sidebar so you can easily identify it.

Salesforce integration along with CTI has opened up new doors to the endless opportunities we see out there in the digital market. Salesforce is the number 1 CRM platform which is used globally. But imagine the scenario where you can check up on your leads and make a direct call to them whenever you want from the same system. This is what CTI Integration with Salesforce refers to. It is a killer feature that would enable you to go for multi-tasking like a boss. You can sit at a place, keep a check on your prospects or opportunities and also make a call to them, all at the same time. And this is not just it, you can avail the other exclusive features along with the CTI that we mentioned in the above section.

With the CTI integrated version of 360 SMS App- Top-Ranked Salesforce Messaging App, you can easily carry on with your whole process of lead generation and use it as the best tool for your business. Connect with our experts today and book a demo for yourself now!

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