Primer to Salesforce Einstein

A Primer to Salesforce Einstein

Salesforce Einstein is not just the cool, new artificial intelligence analytical system from Salesforce. Salesforce Einstein is the cool, new and effective artificial intelligence from Salesforce.

To say it simply – Einstein is your smart CRM assistant. It enables you to discover relevant facts and themes based on your data. And you would not have to build sophisticated software or statistical models.

Einstein is an intelligent agent that’s always on. It breaks through roadblocks and speeds up your team’s work. You get answers to questions like:

  • Why did it happen? What’s the diagnosis behind the facts?
  • What will happen? Is there a trend, or is this just an isolated incident?
  • What are some effective options for dealing with the situation?

Types of Einstein Systems

Within Salesforce there are two kinds of Einstein systems:

Einstein Out-of-the-Box Applications

In this, artificial intelligence is embedded into applications already in use. That is, Einstein is inherently present throughout the Salesforce UI.

Einstein Platform

The Einstein Platform includes powerful tools that allow admins and developers to build a customized smart assistant for their business.

For this post, we will cover what can the out of the box Einstein application do for your organization.

Cloud Applications

  • Einstein for Sales Cloud
  • Einstein for Service Cloud
  • Einstein for Marketing Cloud
  • Einstein for Commerce Cloud

Einstein Features

  • Einstein Bots
  • Einstein Voice
  • Einstein Prediction Builder
  • Einstein Discovery

Einstein for Sales Cloud

Einstein for Sales Cloud can help boost the performance of your sales team. Some practical ways that can be done include

Increase win rates: Your sales rep can now know which clients are more probable to covert. With a respond quickly to relevant clients, they stand a higher chance of boosting their win rates.

Discover pipeline trends to take action: The availability of a large amount of data can be quite overwhelming. Einstein helps your sales reps sift through the data quickly. Additionally, it identifies trends and can make recommendations.

Spend more time to sell: With Einstein, the interface is easy to use and the analytics is at your fingertips. Now, your sales rep can focus on actually selling instead of creating reports.

Einstein for Service Cloud

To provide a great customer experience, your service agents need to be on top of the customer data. With Einstein for Service Cloud, your service agents can do so easily.

Each case can be paired with data from related cases, departments or any other configuration. This gives the agent or the supervisor the ability to understand trends and discover solutions faster.

For example, a contact center at a telecom company may get a call from an agitated customer with a incorrect billing. The agent handling the customer can access & analyze different pieces of information simultaneously. He may come to the conclusion that the issue is because of a bug in a new plan’s system which was recently launched. Now, he will be able to solve the problem and alert the management to fix it so that it does not impact other users.

Einstein for Service Cloud

Einstein for Marketing Cloud

Your marketing team is meant to get your sales team the qualified leads. They have to deal with a large number of uncertainties with a large number of potential customer. They also have to make sure they communicate the relevant message to the relevant audience.

One of the benefits of Salesforce Einstein for Marketing Cloud is the ability to segment the audience into effective persona categories. Doing so is possible as Einstein sifts through billions of data points. This will allow the marketing team to have targeted messaging guiding them through their journey.

Einstein for Commerce Cloud

Nowhere does the customer today demands personalization more than while shopping. Salesforce Commerce Cloud is the rare e-commerce solution that has AI ingrained at its core. Using Einstein in Commerce Cloud, you can provide your shoppers with highly personalized service.

When a user lands on your e-commerce site again, you can personalize the entire landing page based on past experience and activities. The predictive capabilities can sort the products being searched. Or a continuously learning application can make product recommendations which are more contextual.

Besides providing a superior customer experience, Einstein can automate labor-intensive tasks. This will allow more time for your team to create new strategies.

Einstein Bots
Einstein for Commerce Cloud

Einstein Bots

Einstein Bots allow you to build a smart assistant into your customer's favorite channels like chat, messaging or voice.  Einstein Bots use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to provide instant help for customers. They do so by answering common questions or gathering the relevant information from the customer. They can then hand off the conversation seamlessly to the right agent for more complex questions or cases.

Salesforce Einstein Bots

Einstein Voice

Einstein Voice enables all users to talk to Salesforce from any device. With Einstein Voice Assistant and Einstein Voice Bots, it can support both your customers and team.

Salesforce Einstein Voice

Einstein Prediction Builder

Einstein Prediction Builder is a simple point-click wizard. It allows you to quickly make custom predictions on your non-encrypted Salesforce data.

Einstein Prediction Builder

Einstein Discovery

Einstein Discovery  predicts outcomes without requiring your own data scientist.

There is an important difference between Einstein Discovery and Einstein Prediction Builder. Discovery is more geared toward analysts in a business. Einstein Prediction Builder enables Salesforce admins to embed predictions for their Salesforce users.

Einstein Discovery

Salesforce Einstein is an ever-evolving tool. The use cases are endless and there are many ways using it can positively impact your business. What are the some of the ways you are using Salesforce Einstein?

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