Sales Funnel With Salesforce

A Complete Guide on How Real Estate Can Streamline Its Sales Funnel With Salesforce

As more and more people invest in Real Estate, the competition among the dealers is increasing rapidly. If you are a Real Estate dealer, you might know that you need unique strategies to attract more buyers and gain their trust. Here is where Salesforce can come to your rescue.

Salesforce Real Estate portal is a versatile and scalable solution for B2B and B2C entities. Its framework is user-friendly and rich with features. This enables admin, employees, and buyers to communicate with ease. Its dynamic features ensure you have everything you expect from a Real Estate portal. With the constant Salesforce updates, you will never miss out on any new trend or technology.

Here the question is - how do CRM systems such as Salesforce help the Real Estate industry? Let us find out the answer:

Role of Salesforce Real Estate Portal

This portal handles client relationships, generates quality leads, sends appropriate automated messages, and can even exchange customer data with multiple networks. Salesforce customer portal combines multi-channel leads to one endpoint.

This portal saves all the important data sent by buyers and all the contracts in one file so that the employees can easily access the data when required. It even helps maintain the property, stock control, quality control, project management, contract management, and customer management.

Now the question is, how does the Salesforce Real Estate portal do all the help? Below are a few ways through which dealers can optimize their sales funnel.

Streamlines Inventory

The Custom Salesforce CRM portal lets you view product information in their respective locations or warehouses. This portal assists with cloud-based tools to monitor and control stocks. With this, the dealers can easily get the status of distribution and other stock updates in real-time. You can also opt for computerized invoicing, which will eliminate inventory management errors and make the entire process of online payments secure, fast, and easy.

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Makes Data Sharing Easy

The main challenge that dealers face is not having important data like contracts handy while they are on-site approaching buyers or displaying property. With the Salesforce Real Estate portal, you can keep all the documents and data in your portal and access it anywhere at any time. This way, you will never have to reschedule the meeting with potential buyers because of missing data or documents. You can show them the required or asked documents and close the deal in one go.

Manages Customized Campaigns

With Advanced analytics of Salesforce, you can get patterns, projections, and insights into your sales funnel of your different campaigns. This will cut down the task of keeping the manual entry of all campaigns' data count. Salesforce portal collects, stores, and even analyzes data from every transaction. This feature gives you a clear view of your leads, employees, meetings, etc. It also helps you recognize the weak areas so that you can work on the strategies or assign different representatives.

Control of Leads

If you have your Real Estate firm, then you might naturally have different departments. And when a lead comes, it becomes time-consuming for them to wait for the correct person to get a call with them. To avoid this, you can have a Salesforce Real Estate portal that directly redirects the leads to the concerned sales representative. This will make the whole process smooth and systematic.

Provides Everything on a Single Dashboard

With the Salesforce customer Portal, you can have a robust dashboard that provides all the information on a single page. You can access all t important categories like documents, employees, sales results, lead count, campaign results, etc., from a single dashboard. This way, you don't have to waste time finding necessary things in different places; instead, you can have all of them on a single page.

Attractive User Window

When a buyer lands on our portal, you want to make sure they close a deal. For that, you can add good-quality images with rates, addresses, documents, contract details, etc. You can even have a chatbot on your portal to help the lander with any issues.

Now let us see which advantages you can get from all these features:

  • Real-time lead data collection via various platforms helps representatives to make smart business decisions. And if they can get all this in one place, it can save an ample amount of their time searching the lead's data individually in different folders or chats.
  • Running a Real Estate company requires arranging every detail for each new lead and continuing doing equivalent, routine activities like communicating with each lead daily. With the Salesforce CRM's support, you can fill the information and custom reports, and every user has the right to save time based on data management. You can even make customized custom reports to have a glance at everything that's happening in your firm.
  • Salesforce CRM helps in improving the communication between the company and buyers. It helps maintain the contact details and keeps a record of all the ongoing or past conversations. It also helps in letting you know the last time you connected with the client so that you can send them mail or start a conversation to turn the potential lead into a buyer and close the deal.
  • Buyers can view the properties at their convenience and even communicate online if they have any queries or want a recce of the property. With secure payment options, buyers can transfer money via the portal. You can also have a language translator in your portal for seamless communication and avoid currency confusion.

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Step by Step Guide on How to Use Salesforce Real Estate Portal

  • Find leads
  • Let them see the properties
  • Verify Data and Documents
  • A Streamlined Communication and follow-up
  • Closing the deal

Wrapping Up

You can also customize the Salesforce CRM Real Estate portal with all the necessary features for your firm and arrange them in a manner you find convenient. For this, you must hire a dedicated developer from a reputed portal development firm. They will have good knowledge of trends and technologies. This way, they can suggest some of the best features that make your Real Estate unique and rich with features.


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