Salesforce Integration

5 Real Business Advantages of Salesforce Integration

Businesses are linking systems, applications, and tools in order to improve their abilities and develop connected ecosystems. For linked structures, the old saying “the whole is greater than the sum of the parts” stands true. When two systems or apps are connected, new capabilities are born. When you integrate Salesforce with other third-party applications, the same thing happens.

It improves your Salesforce and allows you to get a higher ROI from your investment.

What Exactly is Salesforce Integration?

Salesforce integration refers to the process of linking Salesforce to other platforms, applications, and software. The integration allows for the automatic exchange of data between the systems. The integration is accomplished via core functionality, data, user interface.

Salesforce enables you to incorporate email apps, marketing automation systems, CMS, cloud platforms, connectivity and collaboration tools, and other applications.

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The Advantages of Salesforce Integration

Salesforce integration benefits the company in a variety of ways, from efficiency to automating processes to collaborating with others.

1. Increasing Productivity

Assume the company employs both QuickBooks and Salesforce. Your Sales Reps now need data from both systems to complete their tasks. Would it not be preferable if your Rep had access to all of the data in Salesforce? This will save him time switching between the two systems. It will also allow him to complete his tasks more quickly.

2. Making Automation Feasible

There are several routines and repeated activities in your company that involve little human intelligence. Wouldn't it be preferable if those tasks could be automated, freeing up the employees to concentrate on tasks that require specific skills and human intelligence? Many activities can be automated with Salesforce integration.

3. Updating data infrastructure

We are seeing tremendous amounts of data produced. Enterprises, on the other hand, are struggling to manage data and obtain insights for better decision-making. Salesforce Integration will assist you in modernizing your data infrastructure and making the best use of your consumer and company data.

4. 360-degree customer perspective

Customers' aspirations are skyrocketing. We are seeing new changes in customer behavior. To impress, influence, and attract customers, the company must make a deep connection with them. To do this, you must first gain a deeper knowledge of your customers. An integrated framework that collects data from various sources will provide you with a comprehensive view of your customers' desires, specific problems, and preferences.

5. Effective decision-making

The most significant impediment to reliable and timely decision-making is data silos. To contextualize a situation, understand the benefits and costs, and make a decision, your leadership must have access to all data. Sales integration with other frameworks, such as ERP, finance apps, and other platforms, would provide them with a comprehensive view, allowing them to make informed decisions.

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How will we help you improve your Salesforce integration?

Although Salesforce integration is advantageous to companies, a failure integration can be expensive in terms of downtime, major errors, and brand image loss. One of the primary reasons companies struggle in their Salesforce integration ventures is a lack of skills and knowledge within the company.

It is best to employ a certified Salesforce integration partner to increase the reliability of your integration project. They would bring not only their extensive experience ability to manage multiple integration projects but also resource scalability and knowledge in other technologies to complicated integration projects.

Cymetrix Software assists companies in their Salesforce integration projects. We have a team of Salesforce-certified implementation experts who can manage complicated integrations and quickly solve problems. For Salesforce integration inquiries and specifications, please feel free to contact us.


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