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DESelect Search in Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Chrome Extension
Easily search for all objects in Salesforce Marketing Cloud.
Additional Information
Developer: DESelect

DESelect Search in SFMC - Salesforce Marketing Cloud 2.0 is brand new, released in April 2021.

The search bar is now completely integrated with the Marketing Cloud UI so it’s always immediately available. You can start searching and get the results in seconds.

Another benefit is persistent results. The search results remain, even if you click or navigate somewhere else. You can use the ‘Pin’ functionality to pin your results to the top of the page, so you can navigate to your result, while still maintaining full path visibility. This makes it much easier to go to that data extension that’s 10 levels deep in your folder structure!

DESelect Search in SFMC - Salesforce Marketing Cloud can search for results across business units, and you can also see results from just your current business unit.

We’ve extended the search functionality so you’re now able to search objects by both name and external key.

And last but not least, users don’t need to enter the Marketing Cloud subdomain anymore!

Search for everything!

We currently support searching for:

All Content Builder objects:

  • Email templates
  • Email messages
  • Content blocks: dynamic content, buttons, code snippets, enhanced dynamic content, freeform content, external content, html, images, image carousels, layouts, social follows, social shares, text:
  • Mobile app push notifications & mobile messages
  • Automation
  • Data extensions
  • Query activities
  • Classic emails
  • Classic email templates
  • Data filters
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