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Salesforce Marketplace is a platform that lists ready-to-install Salesforce solutions, like, apps, tools, codes, plugins, browser extensions and other components and services available in the market. It’s a place that powers you to connect with customers and extend Salesforce across any department and industry. Salesforce Marketplace is the one-stop solution for all your requirements as you won’t have to wander around anymore looking for the best tools to make the most out of your Salesforce CRM.
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    AuditMyCRM scans your Salesforce® CRM within no time and provide you with the list of errors and warnings, if there are any in the system.
  • For any supported WordPress content types, you can assign Salesforce objects that will be created/updated/deleted when the data in WordPress is saved.
  • Mass create, mass update, mass clone, mass delete on any list view. Support for both Classic and Lightning!
  • Easily build SOQL queries with all Salesforce objects, and easily view debug logs. We never ask for your passwords.
  • This extension is designed to support developers with Salesforce DX projects. Provides quick visual access to scratch orgs, sandboxes, and other useful features.
  • An easy to use lightning web component that integrate SLDS "progress ring".
  • An extension that works alongside the Salesforce Extensions for Vscode with faster apex, vf and aura components save performance.
  • Build a package.xml file listing all of an Org's metadata components
  • Lookup Salesforce Documentation quickly from VSCode.
  • Advanced Salesforce inspector automatically tracks activity in your Salesforce org!
  • Single command-line interface for all Salesforce DX features.
  • Explore and modify the values of a specific record in Salesforce.
  • Boost your admin and developer productivity on with Boostr!
  • Salesforce does not provide any feature to extract the Dependent Picklist Matrix for analysis, comparison and reporting. This extension helps to export the dependency matrix as a CSV file.
  • Declarative Rollup Lookup Summaries (DLRS) is a sustainable open source community application that provides an admin-friendly declarative interface to generate and manage cross-object rollup summaries
  • Apex PMD allows you to run static analysis on your Apex and Visualforce files. We can run Apex PMD on file open, on file save and there are a lot of other options that you can configure.
  • This LWC is used to see all the Standard as well as Custom Object with all of their Record Types & Child Relationships.
  • Easily create custom fields in your Salesforce Org, including all field level security using an intuitive interface.
  • Automated Code Documentation Generation for Salesforce.
  • Updates the standard favicon on Salesforce tabs with colored versions to help differentiate between different organizations.
  • Deploy Salesforce 10x faster than change sets. Unlock the benefits of source control and continuous delivery. Setup modern release processes from scratch within minutes.