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Why Digital Transformation is Essential for Business Growth? | Salesforce Guide

With reports suggesting that worldwide spending on the technologies enabling digital transformation is forecast to reach $2.3 trillion (£1.8 trillion) in 2023, more and more organizations regardless of industry, geography and size are showing interest in adapting this technology.

As business executives are recognizing that digital transformation is a long-term investment, they’re shifting their focus from traditional technology to projects that steer the business towards growth and make it ready for the future. It is suggested that the value of digital transformation for both society and industry could reach $100 trillion by 2025. 

From breaking down data silos to enhancing collaboration to deliver more personalized customer experiences at multiple touchpoints, digital transformation offers numerous benefits for your business. It is, in fact, viewed as means of transforming your business, streamlining processes to enhance interaction with customers and employees, while delivering an excellent customer experience at the same time.

If information is stored across disparate systems, then it will create data silos. Leveraging digital transformation, organizations can easily bring their corporate data to a centralized repository. Connected data enables top management to have a view of business that enables them to easily find out the critical problems and which area of business needs their attention. 

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A customizable view of key performance indicators and real-time reports enable management to have complete control over the business. Managers can easily pull off a variety of reports and actionable insights, and create custom data summaries to gain actionable insights, based on which they can take well-informed decisions. 

Real-time, role-based access to corporate data also helps in keeping all departments on the same page. With data being centralized and consistent, there is hardly any reason that different departments would not be able to work together. Thus, digital transformation helps in enhancing collaboration among teams. 

With digital transformation technology, you can eliminate repetitive processes and great reduce the need to manually enter information. By automating redundant processes, you can ensure that individuals will have more time to work on other important projects and tasks. Furthermore, digital transformation makes it easier and more efficient for companies to collect data, regardless of department.

Rather than using dispersed software and databases, you can bring together your company resources into one place. Leveraging digital transformation, you can integrate applications, databases, and software into a central repository to process innovation and efficiency across different units. 

Leveraging digital transformation, you can make your organization more agile. With the availability of corporate data as well as tools in real-time, you can easily let your employees to work from where they want to. Businesses can increase their agility with digital transformation to improve speed-to-market. They can easily create low-code applications to improve workflows and streamline processes.

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How We Can Help You in Transition to Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation redefines the way how the company is operating. However, one major challenge associated with this is the integration of different systems into a consolidated workflow while managing data and maintaining security protocols. Leveraging Kcloud's Remote Hiring Service, you’ll get access to a pool of talented consultants and developers who can make your transition seamless. We can help you in with selecting the right digital technologies, tools, and strategies that will accelerate the growth of your business. If you’ve opted for Salesforce to digitize your business, then you should contact us to Hire a Freelance Salesforce Expert. 


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