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What is Salesforce Managed Services? Why Business Using Salesforce CRM Needs Salesforce Managed Services?

Salesforce is the global leader in the CRM industry for more than a decade. Salesforce is the world's first online & real-time CRM. It allows extensive customization as per business requirements. Many industries like healthcare, manufacturers, banking & finance, retail, & NGOs are already using it. Salesforce is suitable for small businesses to big enterprises. The best part, it centralizes the business data & work process in one place in the org. Making it easier for the different departments to communicate & work together toward business growth.

In today's world, when there are many CRM solutions available as per specific client needs. Still, Salesforce is leading the market. Companies use it for its top-class, continuously evolving cloud products. Might be your company is already using Salesforce CRM.

Businesses choose to outsource Salesforce services to remote technology consulting companies. The reason is they want to concentrate on sales and other important business activities. For busy in-house IT teams, it will be challenging to also work & manage Salesforce. Also, skilled Salesforce resources are hard to find for long-term projects. Here business needs a dedicated team who works & manages their Salesforce system remotely.

What are Salesforce Managed Services

Salesforce managed services is outsourcing all of your Salesforce admin, development & integration activities & tasks to remote technology partners. This allows businesses to concentrate on their core business functions and operations. Salesforce Managed services are cost-effective.

The company providing managed services is acting as a partner. They maintain the Salesforce system & ensuring the smooth workflow of Salesforce CRM. Many organizations have found Salesforce-managed services to be more attractive due to this. With the help of Salesforce Managed Services, you can focus on running your company without having to worry about daily admin tasks & duties, CRM security checkups, or other tasks which can be automated in Salesforce.

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Salesforce Managed Services Benefits:

Salesforce Managed services are very popular nowadays. Below are some of the benefits of Salesforce managed services.

  • The easily manageable cost-effective offshore team, who can work remotely as per your business hours.
  • No burden on the in-house IT team means more focus & increase productivity.
  • No need to hunt talent for your Salesforce requirements, your partner is doing all the heavy lifting to provide you with skilled resources.
  • Upscaling & down scaling of resources can easily be managed.
  • Businesses will get the benefits of uninterpreted support.
  • A skilled & expert resources team is available to provide you with Salesforce support & requirements.
  • An easy and quick way to fill the required skill gap for business.

Different types of Salesforce Managed Services:

Below are the description of services to manage Salesforce effectively.

Salesforce Consulting

This includes assisting a business to get the most out of their Salesforce CRM. The Salesforce consulting team will analyze the business and also understand the business objectives and current operations of the business. The main goal of this consulting is to suggest & improve the current Salesforce process.

Salesforce Implementation

With Salesforce implementation services, businesses get a smooth & consistent strategy for running their Salesforce CRM. Also, Salesforce implementation is done as per current & future business requirements so business gets a structured approach for all of their queries. In Salesforce implementation, the Manage service provider is implementing Salesforce clouds, such as Sales cloud, service cloud, marketing cloud, community cloud, Nonprofit cloud, Salesforce CPQ & Financial Services Cloud for clients.

Salesforce configuration & Customization

After implementing Salesforce, sometimes the business gets new requirements or new process setup requests in Salesforce. These new changes can be achieved through updating & enhancing the current Salesforce org via custom coding through apex coding or through Salesforce standard processes like workflows, process builders, approval process, flows, fields, page layouts, reports & dashboards. Businesses must have a clear objective about the outcome of these Salesforce configuration requests.

Salesforce Integration

The best part about Salesforce is, it can integrate with other software systems. Generally in the business different team uses different software. To give businesses the best & unified experience, Integration of different systems is a must. Salesforce allows third-party integrations. Also, Salesforce has its own app store called AppExchange where businesses can search and use the required apps to save time & cost of building the functionality from scratch.

Salesforce Training

Business runs on insights from their own data. If data is not clean, junk & unreliable, any CRM tool will not be suitable to give proper insights. To resolve this issue, business needs to provide end-user training to their employees on how to use Salesforce more effectively. This Salesforce training will help in getting proper data flow in the CRM and also using Salesforce to its fullest potential as per the requirements.

Salesforce Support

Salesforce-managed service providers also provide Salesforce support services to businesses. Generally, support services are a help desk for end users. The most common tasks are doing regular security checks, bug fixes, and end-user requirements for any Salesforce feature update, report, or dashboard creation request, adding a user or assigning profiles permissions to a user, etc. Also, any Salesforce development request can also be under Salesforce support.

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Your Trusted Salesforce Managed Service Provider | Iqra technology

Businesses who are already using Salesforce managed services find it a cost-effective and efficient way to manage their Salesforce org. If you are still here, your business might need Salesforce-managed services. You already know the different Salesforce managed services types and benefits.

Consider Salesforce managed services, if your organization lacks Salesforce expertise, finds managing it challenging, or needs expert help to run Salesforce.

Here at Iqra Technology, we are a Salesforce partner company, with a total team strength of 100+ resources working remotely for our clients located in the USA, UK, Europe, and different other regions. We have deep expertise in the Salesforce domain with extensive Salesforce cloud knowledge. We have a pool of resources available to onboard on very short notice as per the client's Salesforce requirements.

To know more about us and how our managed service team can help you in growing your business, you can contact us to schedule a free consulting call. Our team of expert Salesforce consultants will help you with all your Salesforce queries.


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