Salesforce winter 18 top features

Best Salesforce Winter'18 Features

Salesforce is known for its best CRM services in the world. The recent incorporation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology had led Salesforce towards many new developments. With the help of this, now users can build apps that becomes smarter with each click. Also, Salesforce Einstein provides a platform for improving data recovery, lead scoring and gives suggestions.

The Winter’18Salesforce comes with features that are leveraging the benefits of Lightning Experience (LEX). Salesforce development team is trying its best to make Lightning Experience more accessible and presentable for the users.

Here are some exciting Salesforce features that are being released and will dominate the market in 2018.

(Note: These features are applicable to only Lightning experience)

1.     Easier Account Setup

Salesforce has introduced this feature into its lightning Experience. It allows the organizations to access person's account only if they meet the requirements.  After Salesforce verifies that you are fit to access the account, they send a confirmation mail along with logging a support case information.

You can also share your business contacts by implementing specific sharing rules.

2.     Opportunities

This functionality aids user to add an opportunity team quickly allowing users to add products instantly whenever they develop or duplicate an opportunity. Adding multiple members on a single page has become easier and faster.

3.     Activities

This feature turns out to be a friend to all of them who forgot their tasks. Salesforce allows you to archive your history and let you create activity timeline. You can also use task reminders to notify you about your tasks. Apart from this, save your all-time history and access them when you need them.

4.     Customizable List View

Salesforce allows you to structure your text into column view. The ability to adjust column according to the screen size gave users a better experience. The length of the data defines size of the column list and related list.

These were the generalized features which will create an impact on the Salesforce’s sales and services by engaging many customers in 2018.

Now let’s see some of the insight features of Lightning experience that are prompting opportunities in the market.

·        New Look and Feel Feature

This feature ensures that user’s data is of core focus point thus, there are less white spaces to improve the clarity. This will also enhance the information density on a page and will decrease the scrolling.

Apart from this perfect contrast is created between background and foreground to facilitate easy scanning of information. And more background images along with wide color variant are also introduced in this feature.

·        Search Better

We often misspell our words in the search box and thus couldn’t get our queries resolved. But the new Lightning Experience feature brings a better search drop down list where it will show correct suggestions that perfectly matches your misspelled words. If you have entered multiple search request than it will check for the first term only.

This feature has made it easy and quick to find contacts and other fields by including account name in their search term.

·        Component visibility

This feature provides you to customize data according to your needs. In classic Salesforce customization, this feature was absent. It shows all the significant data that is closely related to the field criteria on a single page.

·        Chatter Highlights

This interesting feature allows the users to put on a message on his Chatter if he is not on his desk. By enabling “Out of Office” setting and mentioning duration you can tell everyone who tries to contact you that you are out of office by displaying a message.

Recently emoticons have been also added to chatter to make interaction friendlier.

Wrapping Up

Growing technologies opens up the door for Salesforce integration services for creating more exciting and helpful features for customers. Salesforce has released over 300 product innovations in winter’18 release. These features are centered on providing users with smarter and faster platforms like Salesforce Lightning experience and Einstein intelligence.

There is no doubt that in 2018 there’s going to be more innovations in Salesforce platforms to enhance customers experience and make their lives better. As the time is changing fast be ready to update yourself with current trends and take advantage out of these features.

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