Top Mistakes to Look Out for While Hiring Salesforce Professionals

With Salesforce becoming the top CRM product globally, the need for Salesforce implementation and administration in organizations is increasing every day. This has resulted in a huge demand for Salesforce professionals all over. Businesses are always on the lookout for experienced and skilled professionals who can effectively configure their system, train the team members on how to use it, and create custom solutions with the technology. For small businesses, getting access to a certified Salesforce professional becomes all the more vital as the business might need custom integrations and more coding to get the most out of the platform.  

Hiring a Non-Salesforce Expert 

As a small business owner, you probably don’t have expertise in different coding languages. This is completely normal. But, if you hire a generic developer for your Salesforce platform, you’ll face challenges in the long run. It is important to understand what makes a Salesforce developer different from general developers so that you can make an informed decision for your organization. 

Every developer writes code in a specific language. Salesforce developers write code in Javascript and Apex. The professionals know how to customize the platform as per your business needs. When you hire a Salesforce developer, you get help in simplifying your business practices. The developer provides creative solutions to create useful dashboards, automate your business processes, and create applications that match your specifications. In contrast, when you hire just a general developer, you might not receive help with actualizing your vision.

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Hiring an Inexperienced Developer

Certain business owners might try to save their money by hiring an inexperienced or new developer. It’s not important that you exceed your budget to get quality work done, however, going for the least expensive option might prove to be a mistake. Prior to hiring a Salesforce developer, ask for their portfolio to understand their past work. Though it might seem a smart choice to hire somebody with multiple certifications, these professionals might not be equipped with real-world development experience to present. In case they are charging by the hour, that might result in you paying a lot more than you expected for minor development changes.

In a lot of cases, small businesses don’t require the most expensive or experienced developers to meet their business goals. Nevertheless, an inexperienced or new developer might not be able to fulfill your business needs. Thus, finding a knowledgeable, skilled developer is one of the best ways of ensuring that your platform fits your needs as your business grows.

Hiring Someone With Insufficient Market Knowledge

Technology keeps evolving. Certain business owners might choose to go for a developer with years of experience in a business like theirs. Having said that, if a Salesforce developer has worked for a particular company in-house, they most probably won’t be up to date with the current market knowledge or latest programming practices. Salesforce is continuously introducing new features and making improvements. Thus, it is important to have a developer that experiments with new techniques and provides advanced solutions to your business problems. A developer equipped with the current programming practices can help you create relevant and modern solutions that use the latest features of Salesforce.

Going for a Full-Time Developer At Once 

While hiring a new team member, it might seem feasible to you to hire somebody full-time. However, a part-time or on-demand Salesforce developer can prove to be a better choice for your business. A lot of small business owners go for hiring a full-time developer and discover later that they don’t have sufficient work to keep the developer busy. Also, adding a new salary to your payroll can prove to be quite a challenge after the costly implementation process. This is one of the biggest mistakes you need to look out for. 

To take complete advantage of Salesforce, it is important to automate your processes and build out your platform. This doesn’t mean you have to create all automation immediately. As Salesforce grows with your business, it is vital to have access to a developer as and when you need them. On-demand or part-time developers can prove to be the best bet for you here to tackle your important projects.

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Hiring One Person to Do the Whole Task

When searching for a Salesforce developer, trying to hire the perfect person to do everything can prove to be detrimental. As a small business when your budget is limited, it might seem beneficial to hire somebody who can perform multiple tasks. But, this approach might not work when you hire somebody who is unable to focus purely on development. Different projects of development ask for different insights and talents. Having only one developer to depend on might not get you the same work quality on every project.  

When you hire a full-time developer, they’ll have their own strengths and weaknesses and they will not prefer outsourcing the projects that they don’t have expertise in. By working with a part-time or on-demand developer, you are always equipped with the right professional to carry out the job. 


There’s no denying the fact that hiring Salesforce professionals can be a challenging process. You need to find someone who can best meet your business needs and budget requirements. It is important to hire a Salesforce programmer that is reliable and has the necessary expertise to help your business grow with CRM implementation. By taking note of the above-mentioned common mistakes you can save time and money for your business while choosing the right professional. 


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