Salesforce Integration

How Salesforce Integration Enhances Organizational Efficiency

In today’s technology-driven world, many organizations depend on at least one mission-critical system or tool. And one of the most popular names among them is Salesforce. 

Salesforce has dedicated itself to becoming the best CRM system possible. While it makes the job easier for support teams, businesses require much more to make the most of their Salesforce investment and make the platform work according to their unique business needs for improved organizational efficiency.

Here, Salesforce Integration steps in. 

In this blog post, we will discuss how certain integrations can help amplify Salesforce's efficiency and improve an organization’s bottom line.

So, let's begin.

The Benefits of Salesforce Integration

Today, more and more companies are integrating Salesforce with their other software systems to make their teams more productive and get better results. For example, integrating Salesforce and Jira. When Jira and Salesforce work together, it can help teams to be more productive, communicate easily, and work in sync with one another. Besides, Salesforce integration helps in:

  • Providing Access to Salesforce and Other Integrated Systems: Employees won't have to switch between Salesforce and other systems to get what they need. They have access to everything in Salesforce or vice versa.
  • Providing Easy Data Access: When Salesforce is integrated with Jira, it can help you get a unified view of the customers and makes sure that you can get information from different sources seamlessly.
  • Enhancing Communication: Effective communication with all stakeholders is critical to the success of any business. However, when front and back-end teams use platforms that work in silos, it creates communication barriers. Integrating Salesforce and Jira enhances cross-team collaboration and ensures better communication between front and backend teams. 
  • Automating Workflows Without Any Code: Since integrated systems like Salesforce and Jira work well together, you can automate workflows without any hassle. 
  • Providing Insightful Reporting: Employees get more detailed and useful reports that help them make better decisions and take the best actions.

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How Does the Salesforce and Jira Integration Enhance Organizational Success?

Salesforce offers a plethora of integration options, which can transform your business. Salesforce and Jira integration is one of them. When these two powerful platforms are integrated, the support teams can get a 360-degree view of the customer journey and everything can be found in one place, from project management to customer interactions

When Salesforce is successfully connected to Jira, it will elevate your customer experience.

How to Integrate Salesforce and Jira?

Sinergify is a Salesforce-Jira integration connector that can help you in integrating Salesforce and Jira seamlessly.  It works with all versions of Jira products and Salesforce Clouds. The best part is that it connects multiple Jira instances to a single Salesforce Org, enabling the two platforms to interact without silos. Businesses can use the solution to sync data between the two systems in real-time.

Use Cases of Sinergify

Here are some Sinergify use cases to consider:

  • Create Jira Issues from Salesforce
  • Notify Case Owner of Jira Updates from Salesforce
  • Centralize all Updates (on Both Jira and Salesforce Side)
  • Update Case Status of Resolved Jira Issues
  • Search and Link Jira Issues From Salesforce
  • Search and Link Salesforce Records From Jira
  • Synchronize Attachments & Comments
  • Control Feed Items

And more!

dont miss out iconDon't forget to check out: Integration Basics in Salesforce - Here is All You Need to Know

Wrapping Up

Salesforce is a powerful platform in its own right. However, when integrated with other platforms, it streamlines processes for better organizational efficiency. Integrating Salesforce and Jira allows you to break down communication silos and foster cross-team collaboration. Making customer-facing and back-end teams work in sync helps deliver customers highly personalized customer experiences. 

Want to Know More About How Integrating Salesforce and Jira Can Benefit Your Organization? Talk to Us!

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