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Top 5 Tips to Become a Salesforce Business Analyst In No Time

If you’re an inquisitive individual who enjoys data and always find yourself asking questions and finding out the why behind certain decisions, you might be cut to perfectly fit the role of a Salesforce business analyst (BA).

A Business Analyst is a project-based, business improvement role. The role of a BA is to look at a business’s processes and assess their efficiency by eliciting, documenting, and analyzing them. Afterward, they will produce data-based solutions. Business analysts are always in great demand because they can be the key for a business to succeed in its field or to run into the ground.

If you’re interested in finding out which skills you need to become a BA and read some tips on how to get there, read on!

1. Be a Good Communicator

The top skill that firms are looking for is communication. BA spends a great deal of its time communicating with stakeholders who expect sustained communication within a project. The BA will use a variety of communication techniques ranging from written communication through email to work meetings. Spoken interaction is a key part of this, as the BA will need to be able to ask the right questions to understand a stakeholder’s needs.

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2. Improve Your Technical Skillset

Basic IT knowledge can take you quite far as it will help you have a clear vision of software development and usage within a business. The basics are helpful but improving your technical skillset can be very beneficial if you want to start a career in this field. Knowing the tech stack and programming principles will help you to write technical documents and discuss solutions with software engineers directly more easily.

3. Use Trailhead

Trailhead is now the main hub for Salesforce-related information and education. It’s an incredibly informative and useful tool, where you can take a variety of courses to better understand the role of a BA. After you’ve successfully completed these courses, you will earn a badge. You can link your LinkedIn (or another professional network site) to your Trailhead profile and share the badges you’ve earned. This usually catches the eye of recruiters as it shows you’re driven and thirsty for knowledge.

Lee Vaughen, a writer at Paperfellows tells us- “ Trailhead is a future BA’s best friend, they not only have useful information about essential salesforce skills, but also genera business analysis career information”.

4. Get qualified

Although you don’t necessarily need a university degree to become a successful business analyst, getting some qualifications might make you stand out from the crowd. The international institute of business analysis (IIBA) is a not-for-profit organization that works to create and maintain global standards for the practice of business analysis. On top of this, they offer a series of certifications for you to become a top performer. Learning and gaining expertise in the Salesforce field is essential, but also getting the opportunity to learn about more general business practices will solidify your knowledge and make you a more versatile professional.

5. Network

Network, network, network. At the beginning of this list, communication was mentioned as essential when you’re already on the job, but this applies to the before and after too. Networking may be the most important thing, as having meaningful connections in the field can greatly help advance your career. It is important to be networking with people that will vouch for your skills and bring you up in meetings and other networking events when you’re not there. The magic of networking is that you may be introduced to opportunities and projects that you may have never known about, it's serendipitous and a great way to keep up with the field and put your name out there.

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If you want to become a BA and you’re keen to follow all these steps, just remember to also be patient and keep the faith. Keep up with Salesforce roles and firms that are recruiting, spruce up your LinkedIn profile, and always be interview-ready. The Salesforce ecosystem is growing fast so there will be roles popping up left right and center!

Lauren Groff is a content writer at OXEssays. Lauren writes about Salesforce CRM technologies. 


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