Salesforce Integration Practices

Top 5 Best Salesforce Integration Practices in 2021

Adopting Salesforce integration is always beneficial for automating and scaling the businesses efficiently.

The whole idea of integrating data might look easy, but there’s a catch.

To make the company’s journey comfortable and profitable, you’re required to dedicate some brains to set up the whole system.

But don’t worry at all. Here are some of the key points and practices that will help you reach the shore.

1. Become Crystal Clear By Knowing Why You’re Integrating Systems

Starting with the ‘Why?’ will simplify everything, right from the beginning.

By knowing the exact reasons, you will be able to draw some rough ideas in your brain. These ideas will tackle the queries like- what issues should be eliminated?

and what approach should be adopted for your business?

Integrating Salesforce with your ERP (Enterprise resource planning) will help you achieve some ideal desires of a vendor or an owner.

  • Having a complete view of a customer’s identity.
  • A familiar environment for every employee to get the work done.
  • Getting access to more detailed and accurate data reporting.
  • Improving communication among different departments and teams.

Thus, asking yourself ‘why’ is the beginning point.

And knowing this will help you to get more time for planning and scaling a business by automating the complexities.

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2. Selection of the Best Solution According to Your Needs

While integrating Salesforce to the ERPs, many businesses commit their first mistake in this process.

They either seek the most straightforward solution or create a mirror framework of a random business they know.

You need to understand that companies are as unique as individuals. Everyone’s demand might not be the same.

For instance - If a manufacturing company is only concerned about recent purchases of your customers.

In such a case, providing them with all-time history purchases will be vague and time-consuming.

Here are some of the key points that’ll help you to get your ideal data integrating solution.

  • A solution that can be easily applied and is not too complex to understand.
  • Comparing the proven solutions of businesses within a similar industry and market.
  • Data security and synchronization without any hassle are a must.
  • Asking and taking the help of experts who have a deep understanding of Salesforce and ERP.

3. Identifying And Filtering The Integration Attributes Carefully

Salesforce has made things so much easier and hassle-free for the companies.

As of now, there is no need to change a single code in the program.

There’s no need to worry about complicated integration adoptions that usually require a week or more.

So far, you have got a rough idea of why you need integrating systems and a framework for designing your ideal integrating solution.

But don’t ease up. Identifying useful attributes or data points can be a bit tricky.

You’ll probably not need an attribute that doesn’t even exist throughout your sales process.

Moreover, taking familiar attributes will help to ease up the process and prevent confusion among other staff.

The most common attributes businesses generally adopt are the following:

  • Quotes
  • Sales History
  • Payments
  • Contacts
  • Accounts
  • Orders.

4. Maintaining Data Quality Is Everything

This is probably the made thing that distinguishes one company will another.

Having false or bogus data will indeed affect the future of your business.

Ensuring the quality becomes more crucial here as multiple ERP systems get integrated.

Before discussing some powerful ways, knowing its real importance is necessary.

Maintaining quality in data helps in:

  • Data accuracy is the key performer in making big decisions.
  • It helps a company to know and tackle their errors and improvements.
  • For the optimum and most efficient usage of the limited resources in a company.
  • Knowing the actual position of your company in the competition or market.

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5. How to Maintain the Utmost Data Quality

The above reasons are enough for knowing the cause of maintaining authentic data.

Now, there’s no accurate method that gives you the surety of eradicating the inadequate data.

However, there are still some golden steps you should adopt to eliminate or even minimize this issue.

  • Taking the help of tools. There are many tools for Salesforce that are easy to handle and clean the suspicious data from your contacts.
  • Even after using the tool, there are still chances of misleading, incomplete, or outdated data appending.
  • Figuring out the actual source of this data may help you resolve the problem before entering the company’s system.
  • Assuring the source of data will give a sort of trust and reliability from frequent inspection of data.

Wrapping it up:

While most of these integration practices are almost easily self-help styled, it is always suggested that professional help is a highly suggested way to go about things.

This is more true when it comes to Salesforce integration.

If you wish to know more about custom salesforce integration services, do reach out to us.

Blog Source: SP Tech


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